Kinkajou Bottle Cutting & Candle Making Kit

If you’ve been eyeing a Kinkajou Glass Bottle Cutter for awhile but haven’t gotten around to it yet, now’s as good a time as ever — especially if you didn’t know what to do with your cut bottles (we’re using one as a pen holder). The Kinkajou Bottle Cutting & Candle Making Kit, predictably, includes both a glass bottle cutting kit along with a pound of soy wax balls, five wooden wicks, and five metal wick clips. When you’re done decapitating a bottle that’s between 1.7 and 4 inches in diameter using the tool and some water (alternating in temperature between hot and cold), finish it to a smooth edge with the included sandpaper plus finishing tool and then pour in some wax over the wick to make yourself a candle.

Find it at our shop – $60


Botta Duo Watch

First there was the dual time zone watch. Then, the 24 hour watch. And now the Botta Duo Watch combines the two in a sleek, elegant package. The large bold yellow hand points out the local time on the outer 12 hour markings for higher precision while a second smaller, subtler black hand with yellow tip displays an additional time zone on a 24 hour ring. Powering the timepiece is a Swiss Made RONDA 515.24H quartz movement behind a two-tone grey face and antireflective sapphire glass. Otherwise check out the slightly more traditional Mondo, also with two time zones but with the local time pointed out using individual hour and minute hands.

Find it in brushed silver or black stainless steel at Amazon – $400


iHere 3.0 Gen 2 Tracking Device

Constantly losing everything that matters? Minimize those occurrences by tagging your stuff with an iHere 3.0 Gen 2 Tracking Device, a tiny keyring-friendly device that employs Bluetooth to constantly stay in talks with your smartphone. Should you lose something, fire up iHere’s app and click track. If it’s within about 75 feet, the device’s 85 dB alarm should help you find it; alternatively, clicking its button will instead locate your phone. Other features include a separation alert should your smartphone get left behind, a built-in rechargeable battery that keeps the device functional far longer than many “disposable” trackers, and a remote control shutter option for snapping selfies and the like.

Check it out at the GearHungry Shop – $23


Carteret Flameless USB Lighter

An open flame can be useful, but most of the time you just need a lighter to do its job and ignite stuff. And this, the Carteret Flameless USB Lighter does with ease thanks to its heating coil that’s without a flame, making it both windproof and TSA-approved to bring along with you on flights. Fire it up and it provides heat for 15 seconds before automatically shutting off for safety. When the Carateret’s battery is dead after approximately fifty uses slide out its USB charger and plug it into the nearest USB port for a top-up.

Check it out at Amazon – $12


Razor Comb

Brass, wood, and leather are better suited to your everyday carry than plastic. And the Razor Comb is made of a combination of all three, equipped with a walnut comb, hand-polished brass hardware, and a genuine Italian leather case into which it folds before slipping into your pocket. To use it, flip it out like a straight razor and use its widely spaced teeth to tame your mane while brushing out knots and tangles, even for coarser hair like your beard’s.

Find it at our shop – $30

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Keramikus Knife Set

If sharpness matters — and when it comes to most knives, it usually does — check out Art Lebedev’s Keramikus Knife Set. The set includes three oddly named blades: Vegetus for paring, Usubus for slicing, and a chef’s knife, Shefus. Each is made of black ceramic, which is hardened in furnaces longer than white ceramic for additional strength, and is fitted with a grippy faceted handle for a solid hold. Due to their ceramic nature they also won’t ever rust or disseminate bacteria, though they can shatter if dropped and must be professionally sharpened, albeit infrequently considering how well ceramic holds its edge.

Grab a set at the GearHungry Shop – $80


Zus Smart Car Charger & Locator

Keep your electronic gadgetry juiced up in your car with the Zus Smart Car Charger & Locator. This ultra-fast USB charger outputs more amperage than typical car chargers, refuelling up to two devices at once in half the time it’d normally take. It’s overbuilt, made of Bayer polycarbonate and titanium coated metal parts, achieving the US Military MIL-STD-810G High Temperature Standard, and sports lighting on either side for usability in the dark. And it’ll also help find your car in overfilled lots thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy and its smartphone app, pointing you towards where you parked it and estimating distance.

Find it at the GearHungry Shop – $30


Soundfreaq Rise

James F. Reynolds would be proud. Soundfreaq takes the concept of a clock radio to the next level, and not just with its epigrammatic name. A crystal clear audio Bluetooth speaker accompanies an alarm that will make you want to wake up. Soundfreaq streams from any smartphone, tablet or computer while simultaneously charging you phone, telling time and keeping an eye out on your preselected wake destination. Features like adjustable screen brightness, snooze buttons even the most ardent sleeper can find as well as a nap timer make use of Soundfreaq’s utilitarian, classic design and finish. Wake up to streaming audio, FM radio or even an old school chime buzzer if that’s your thing.

Hit up Amazon for details – $80


Lume Cube

Compact devices require a compact flash — but that doesn’t mean it can’t be powerful. Lume Cube is smaller than your GoPro and goes just about anywhere it can, easily withstanding adverse weather and even going to depths of up to 100 feet underwater. Each syncs via Bluetooth with your smartphone from which brightness is adjusted up to a blinding 1,500 lumens, and up to 5 can be controlled at once to effectively create daylight. And mounting to a variety of surfaces is straightforward thanks to a 1/4″ 20 screw mount plus both a powerful magnet mount and a suction cup.

Grab one at Amazon – $80


MOTA Ultimate Pocket Tool

Need a bottle opener on you at all times? The MOTA Ultimate Pocket Tool comes with one, amongst 17 other tools. Shaped like a card and crafted from heat-treated steel, this slim multitool takes up no more space than a credit card. And while it can’t buy you things it carries along with it a phone kickstand, can opener, box opener, headphone wrap, metric and imperial rulers, two screwdrivers, a fruit peeler, and a variety of hex wrenches. Plus it’s TSA compliant so you can make full use of it wherever you go rather than lose it to an airport inspector.

Grab one at the GearHungry Shop – $10


Huskk Quickdraw Phone Wallet Case

Chances are you carry your phone in one pocket and your wallet in another. Consolidate with the Huskk Quickdraw Phone Wallet Case, a hybrid that couples an Italian leather wallet with a snap case for your iPhone 6/6S or 6/6S Plus. It’ll fit seven cards plus cash across its quick access front pocket and large rear pocket, the latter of which is accessed by unsnapping a discreet magnetic closure. The case itself is made of rubberized plastic to protect the smartphone’s corners as well as its display, jutting out ever so slightly so as to allow you to place it face down on its screen without risk of scratches.

Find it at Amazon – $25


Bobine Apple Watch Charging Dock

Probably the most versatile (or should we say flexible?) dock yet made for a smartwatch, the Bobine Apple Watch Charging Dock boasts a durable, bendable metal cable that bends and twists any which way you want. Snap in your Apple Watch’s magnetic charging puck into its circular holder and then shape Bobine into a stand, wrap it around furniture, or wrap it tightly into a narrow circle for portability. An included dash stabilizer clips it inside your car for charging while you drive, and its rigidity easily supports the weight of the featherlight smartwatch.

Find it at Amazon – $24


Cocoon Tech Grid-It Backpack

If your backpack feels like it doesn’t have pockets or compartments truly suited to your specific gear, that’s because it doesn’t. But the same can’t be said about the Cocoon Tech Grid-It Backpack. This sleek pack holds your 16″ (or smaller) laptop in its padded compartment — as well as notebooks, a tablet, magazines, whatever — but really stands out thanks to its built-in Grit-It system with crisscrossing mesh bands that hold items of nigh any shape or size. Its ballistic nylon construction is also waterproof, protecting your delicate gadgetry from the elements.

Check it out at Amazon – $70