Under Armour ArchiTech Futurist Sneaker

Its radical looks may evoke far-off concepts that never come to fruition, but the Under Armour ArchiTech Futurist Sneaker will actually be available for sale in just a few days later this month. The shoe combines a foot-hugging UA SpeedForm upper with a compression lace system with 1/4 zipper and a stunning 3D printed midsole in the form of a dynamic lattice network that’d be pretty much impossible to produce in any other way. Oh, and the latter isn’t just for looks since it actually offers solid cushioning and support.

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Ace Marks Handcrafted Italian Dress Shoes

Splurging on a pair of quality handcrafted Italian dress shoes is typically a wise investment for reasons beyond aesthetic: comfort and longevity come to mind. And further reducing the investment side of the equation only makes for a sweeter deal. Each pair of Ace Marks dress shoes are expertly made in Italy by fourth-generation craftsmen — the same people producing other, store-bought luxury brand shoes that retail north of $600 — for a third of what you’d pay, so you can pocket the difference or grab multiple pairs for different occasions. Their sharp-looking wares come in a dizzying array of styles and colorways for settings ranging from the boardroom to business casual gatherings and include the Cap Toe Blucher Stuart (shown), the Wingtip Oxford Luxe (second image), the Full Brogue Kendrik (third image), a chukka boot, and several types of Loafers. And if you wear through your pair or figuratively outgrow it, send it back to Ace Marks and they’ll repurpose and donate it to Career Gear to help men reentering the workplace, with a $60 credit on your next pair for your trouble.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $190+

Presented by Ace Marks.

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Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite

The human body is capable of some amazing things. But a two-hour marathon is essentially off the table, unless you’ve got a pair of Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite strapped on your feet (and a hell of a lot of training behind you). They’re particularly lightweight at just 7 ounces and boast a thick foam sole that, unlike low profile runners, cushions and also returns some of the energy on impact, in part aided by a unidirectional carbon fiber plate within. All this helps make the runner about 4% faster, a crucial step towards finally breaking that two-hour mark. While pricing isn’t yet announced, the same technologies will permeate Nike’s consumer Vaporfly versions as well including the Vaporfly 4% so everyone ready to drop a couple of hundred bucks for a speed boost can benefit.

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Modern Lux

Distinctly a Chuck Taylor but also a couple of notches more upmarket than the classic white and black sneaker, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Modern Lux comes in monochromatic all-white or all-black colorways. Instead of canvas it’s made of supple, molded leather and instead of heavy rubber there’s a lightweight Phylon outsole (think running shoes), boosting comfort while also helping these kicks better blend. The latter which is either a good or bad thing depending on who you’re asking. Still, they’re relatively affordable considering the upgrades and boast the same All Star patch as the classic high top pair, albeit embossed in the leather.

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Cole Haan Zerogrand Stitchlite Wingtip Oxford

Their fusion of a running shoe-derived outsole and a leather upper gave Cole Haan one of the comfiest dress shoes around. Their Cole Haan Zerogrand Stitchlite Wingtip Oxford kicks it up another couple of notches with a new single-piece of stretch knit material that’s lighter, more breathable, and offers better lateral stability. The shoe’s flex outsole mimics the natural motion of the foot just as well and rubber pods at the forefoot and heel increase traction whether you’re walking across sleek office floors or running a few blocks to catch a bus. Available in Marine Blue (shown), Black, Burnt Orange, Ironstone (grey), and White, all paired with an Ivory-colored outsole.

Check out the full lineup at Cole Haan – $180

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Duke & Dexter Loafers

The words quality and loafers needn’t be mutually exclusive, and Duke & Dexter’s Loafers are a living example of this. For one, each shoe is both designed in London and handcrafted in Sheffield, the latter in a family run factory that’s been producing footwear for over 80 years. The shoes themselves pair a traditional loafer style with a large selection of colors and patterns — 33 by our count — that sets them apart ad includes a variety of suedes (Tanner Suede shown), several camo patterns, and tweed, amongst many more.

Learn more at Duke & Dexter – $150+

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Nike Mag

The Nike Mag has been teased for years. You still can’t outright buy the limited-edition 2016 Nike Mag, but this release is still the most widely available to date with a solid 89 released, given away by means of a draw starting tonight, with 10$ entries that benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation to fund Parkinson’s research. The highly sought-after shoes feature Nike’s Adaptive Fit technology that tightens and loosens the laces to conform to the user’s foot, and sport concealed buttons on the inside their topline to loosen or tighten the shoes manually. They’re also fitted with a variety of LED lights and are of course true to the Back to the Future Part II originals in looks.

Learn more at Nike – $10 per ticket

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Boot

Bare canvas doesn’t hold much heat in cold weather, and a bit of slush and snow only makes the situation worse. The new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Boot takes care of that while retaining the brand’s spirit and classic silhouette. Made of a mesh-backed leather, the boot naturally repels water and boasts a neoprene inner sleeve for warmth. It may be a little less spartan than their standard canvas-on-rubber shoe — which most die-hard fans appreciate — but more than makes up for it with a Nike Lunarlon insole, beefy and grippy rubber outsole, and the option of wearing these kicks all year round.

Check out the full Counter Climate collection at Nike’s Converse Store – $130

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Tanner x Rancourt Court Classic Low

Sometimes, you come across a pair of sneakers so well-made and so rare they’re begging to be snatched up. Such is the case with the Tanner Goods Court Classic Low, a new American-made sneaker produced in conjunction with the legendary footwear purveyors at Rancourt & Co. The sneaker is all class and heritage blended into one stylish package, featuring rich Natural Essex Horween leather and Vibram Honey Strighton sole. The Vibram sole in particular also made an appearance on the Court Classic Mid as put together by Tanner Goods & Rancourt, and the Court Classic Low is just the latest stunning iteration in the partnership. If ever there was the perfect fall sneaker, the Court Classic Low might just be it — it’s a casual option to pair with dark selvedge denim, and it’ll look just as sharp with wool trousers and a herringbone blazer on the first chilly day. A mere 80 pairs were made, so you know you’re getting something that’s, as Tanner Goods says, worth holding onto.

Learn more at Tanner Goods – $290


ITS Kevlar Escape Laces

Escape gear comes in many forms, but we definitely didn’t expect to find it in laces. ITS Tactical’s Kevlar Escape Laces are made of 100% Kevlar and come in 54-inch, 60-inch and 72-inch sizes to fit standard shoes and boots. Sure, they’re strong, providing 360 lbs of tensile strength, are both fire and chemical resistant, and they won’t break. But they really shine if you’re ever in a bad situation and tied up with zip ties or the like, doubling as a friction saw with a bit of ingenuity (i.e. stringing the laces through the zip ties, tying them up between your feet, and basically pedalling for a few seconds until it cuts).

Find it at ITS Tactical – $11 [via]


Trask Brady Chukka

When you combine rich, rugged Horween leather with a clean, classic silhouette, you get a new version of what could be your favorite boot for fall. We’re talking about the Trask Brady Boot, a super-clean take on the more casual chukka. With a leather lining and an Ortholite insole, they combine comfort and style for days in spades. The clay-colored Horween Norwegian elk leather exterior will look just as great after years of wear as it will fresh out of the box, and the stitch-out welt construction adds another layer of durability to a pair of boots that’s ready to wear with light wash denim now and with a crisp wool suit this fall and winter. With styling potential that’s versatile and prepared for anything, this just might be your new favorite pair of chukkas.

Learn more at Trask – $265


Custom Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

A pair with classic black and white is iconic enough. But if you’ve ever wanted to experiment with a larger gamut of colors you’re bound to love these Custom Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. Starting with a blank canvas these shoes can be customized in ten ways, including both individual sides of upper, the tongue, heel strip, inner lining, laces, eyelets, and rubber sidewall most with 25 colors to choose from. You can even change the color of the stitching and add a short message or ID to the heel strip, meaning the odds of bumping into somebody with the same exact shoe is statistically impossible if you put a little effort into customizing yours.

Learn more at Nike – $75


Helm Boots Sam

The detailing is fantastic. But it’s the big picture that matters more, and Helm Boots’ Sam puts a dapper finishing touch on your outfit. Each pair is handcrafted in Maine at one of the last shoe factories in the USA using full-grain Tasman York leather for the upper and an oil-treated leather sole for longevity, the latter complemented with Helm’s signature white midsole. Available in black (shown) or original, which features brown Horween Chromexcel leather paired with Cone Mills Denim trim. Wear them and resole them as need be, and you’re bound to have these boots for a long while.

Learn more at Helm Boots – $499