Le Labo Santal 26 Home Diffuser

Made of wood reclaimed from New York’s water tanks and fitted with a functional Edison bulb, Le Labo’s Santal 26 Home Diffuser is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the nose. The diffuser features a nebulizer in a glass vase to vaporize Le Labo’s Santal 26 fragrance oil into a fine mist that takes to the air and spreads around your home without the need for adding solvents nor diluting the oil. A knob embedded in the block of wood simultaneously adjusts intensity of both the light and the scent, giving you cleverly designed visual feedback of the chosen setting before the scent has a chance to permeate.

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Mastercard Fingerprint Reading Credit Card

As you’re punching away yet another PIN number as you buy a coffee or pay for lunch, know that the future is brighter — and we’re not talking about Apple Pay. The Mastercard Fingerprint Reading Credit Card is no bigger or thicker than a traditional credit card but is certainly both safer and faster than existing chip cards to confirm your identity, with a fingerprint reader integrated right on the card. This does add a layer of complexity to registration since a financial institution needs to validate your prints, encrypt, and store them on the card itself. But afterwards paying for stuff is as simple as dipping the card into a terminal and placing your thumb on the embedded sensor, with no need to hide your PIN nor worry about skimming. For now trials are limited to South Africa, with additional trials in Europe and Asia Pacific in the coming months, though a full rollout is possible as early as late this year.

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A Job To Love

Enjoying, or at least appreciating, your work in one way or another is often important for living a fulfilled life, especially considering the sheer number of hours dedicated to it on a weekly basis. Still, many are left unsatisfied, and without a tempting alternative to pursue. The School Of Life’s A Job To Love wants to help you figure it out. While a relatively short read at 189 pages, the book aims to teach you to understand yourself well enough to head in a particular direction (or accept that your current job is actually not so bad). It examines the reasons for our obsession with finding the perfect job, the obstacles that get in our way — including those created in our minds — and comes packed with guidance to identify the bits and pieces of working that you love. All with a dollop of realism in accepting that a single job may never quite be enough.

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Barrington Watch Winders

The job of a watch winder is pretty simple: spin a watch many times over to keep it wound. But any automatic watch amateur knows this job is crucial, lest they wear the watch just about every day. Barrington Watch Winders get this done reliably and with a design aesthetic that won’t be outclassed by the contained watch itself. Each winder features a whisper quiet motor that won’t drive you crazy while winding, directional control to turn clockwise, counterclockwise, or alternate between both, as well as the option to set turns per day to between 650 and 1950. They of course come in simple single winder versions for a single watch, though owners of several mechanical watches can spring for a two, four, six, or twelve watch winders that’ll keep your whole collections ticking away even during prolonged leaves of absence from your wrist.

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Egg Shop: The Cookbook

The Egg Shop is New York’s answer to an all hours brunch and cocktails hangout. Egg Shop: The Cookbook is Chef, Egg Shop partner, and author Nick Korbee’s recipe opus to that establishment. Eggs are more than just super protein packed in a to-go shell: they’re the perfect compliment to New York’s wealth of local produce and artisanal meats, grains and cheeses. With the Egg Shop cookbook, you can experience the same culinary delights at home and avoid midtown traffic. Over 100 recipes cover egg-cooking techniques as well as instructions on incorporating eggs into health-conscious to decadent dishes using fresh ingredients. Nick shows the reader there’s more to eggs than poached, scrambled, or fried. Included are flavorful recipes like Eggs Caviar, Classic Eggs Benedict, Pop’s Double Stuffed, and even Egg Salad. Even the most savvy chef will come away knowing more about natures shelled marvel.

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Food & Drink

Candiewood Farm Whiskey-Treated Wood Chips

Rubs and marinades play an important role in the ultimate taste of your meats when grilling and smoking. As does the wood burned. Candiewood Farm’s Whiskey-Treated Wood Chips set themselves apart from generic woods both by the way they’re prepared and flavored. They’re hand-cut of maple and hickory trees in small batches, then treated and soaked in a custom concoction of whiskey and spices that also contains either honey and chilli jam in the case of maple or cinnamon for the hickory chips. Both are equally likely to grab the attention of your neighbours’ noses and pair well with various meats and vegetables.

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Boie USA Toothbrush

It’s indisputably cool looking. But more than that, the Boie USA Toothbrush is clever in a myriad of ways. For instance, it’s head is interchangeable so you won’t throw away the handle every couple of months. The bristles are also made of a softer, rubber-like material that’s less abrasive on your enamel and gums, and are embedded with silver for boosted antimicrobial properties. The heads last longer, too, so you’ll further reduce waste while reducing waste. Available in three colors for twelve bucks a pop and with replacement heads pegged at $5 each.

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Scewo Stair-Climbing Wheelchair

Currently, we adapt our infrastructure to wheelchairs — or try to — by way of ramps or elevators to go up stairs. On the contrary, the Scewo Stair-Climbing Wheelchair doesn’t need much help. Firstly, this high-tech wheelchair typically balances on two wheels to allow for on-a-dime rotations and driving up curbs without much fuss, controlled by a simple joystick interface. A pair of rubber tracks handle tougher challenges like stairs, though, transitioning from two wheeled to stair mode at the push of a button. The tracks and small rear wheels can also work in conjunction to raise the seat for eye-to-eye discussions and the tracks can otherwise be deployed solo to handle risky and slippery surfaces like snow and ice. Currently in prototype form but you can support their development on Patreon.

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Addictions are a dime a dozen in our modern societies. And increasingly we’ve become addicted and obsessed with content spawned from our technology — something we’re fairly confident that virtual reality won’t help. Adam Alter, a professor of psychology and marketing at NYU, penned Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked to take a deeper look into these addictions and the digital products that drive them. Subjects covered include video games like World of Warcraft, sites like Facebook and Netflix, and physical products with a window to the digital world (i.e. computers and smartphones in general), all products often willingly made increasingly addictive over time through refinement. He also offers tips on mitigating the harmful effects of these potential addictions while setting boundaries to avoid completely depriving ourselves and our children of these hard-to-avoid and often crucial technologies from the get-go.

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Lab-Box Daylight Film Developing Kit

Like vinyl records, analog photography is picking back up. So it follows that developing is as well. The Lab-Box Daylight Film Developing Kit makes it simple to develop your own 135 or 120 film photos without the need for a red light nor a darkroom. To load, trim a bit off the end of your exposed film, then insert it into the module slot, hook the film to the spool, and place the lid on. Then turn the knob until the film is completely rolled onto the spool and, when it’s fully unrolled, press the cutting lever to separate the film from the cartridge (note: the 120 format film works a little differently but is just as simple). At that point, pour in the appropriate liquids for the chosen developing process and turn the knob to agitate and evenly expose the film to the chemicals as directed. Switching between 135 and 120 format films is as simple as swapping in the appropriate module on the tank, and it’s small enough to carry with you if you’d like to develop your shots on-site.

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Art Record Covers

Most contemporary art is out the layperson’s reach, though own a few good vinyls and you’ve basically already got some in the form of record sleeves. Francesco Spampinato’s Art Record Covers makes a point to catalog and present some of the best covers and records from the past six odd decades, with nothing short of 500 covers to show for it. Alongside the imagery you’ll find fact sheets, interviews with the musicians, and of course the names of both the artist and the album. A taste of some of its notable contents include Warhol’s work for Velvet Underground, Banksy’s Blur graffiti, and Jeff Koons’ 2013 Lady Gaga cover. Considering the direction of record sales this book is, today, particularly relevant.

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Griff Drone

Most consumer drones lug along a small camera. Some professional-grade quadcopters can even carry heavier filming rigs weighing dozens of pounds. Still, Griff Aviation’s Griff Drones are worlds apart from other drones when it comes to rated payload. Three three models include the Griff 125, 300, and 800, the number designating the gross weight that each can carry in kilograms, meaning they can lift about 275, 660, and 1,760 pounds, respectively. They do this with a double-decker 8 propeller design, a larger size, and, presumably, big motors and massive batteries considering these things can fly for up to 45 minutes on a charge. They’re controlled by either a standard remote control or a FPV control station. Need one that can carry even more? Griff can build you a custom model, too. What you’d do with one though is another story.

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Pitaka Slim Aramid iPhone 7 Case

It’s not made of actual carbon fibre: instead the Pitaka Slim Aramid iPhone 7 Case is made of Aramid fibre, which looks very similar but is weaved from super strong and flexible synthetic fibre instead (think Kevlar and the like). This means it won’t interfere with your phone’s antennas (cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, etc) in the least but still provides solid protection in a super slim, 0.03-inch package that hugs your device’s every curve. Aramid also adds a lot of texture and grip to your otherwise slick device, is scratch resistant, and will almost definitely outlive the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus you snap it to — which is a shame considering it’s unlikely to fit their next form factor-modified iPhone 8.

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