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Bacon Express Bacon Grill

If making bacon wasn’t a bit of a mess we’d probably eat even more of it, which is to say too much. Feel similarly? Then steer clear of the Bacon Express Bacon Grill. While it’s really only good for one thing, that thing is cooking bacon to a perfect crispiness, which more than offsets the sacrificed counter space. Open the two doors and load it up with regular or thick-sliced bacon, then adjust the dial and close the doors back up. Its vertical cooking surface won’t trap grease and fry the bacon in its own fat like pan frying does, instead draining it with the help of gravity in a slide-out drip tray so you can feel slightly less guilty — and compensate by eating more.

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Adamantini Indestructible Martini Glass

Chances are slim that whatever martini glass you’re currently sipping from starts as a 25 pound block of 303 stainless steel. The Adamantini Indestructible Martini Glass does and that’s just the reason it’s basically unbreakable, even if you tend to clink glasses real hard. Milled down and hollowed each Adamantini still weighs just over a pound and holds 8 ounces of your preferred cocktail. Since it’s bottom-heavy a relatively small base stabilizes the glass — and your drink.

Find it at Wolfram Manufacturing – $200

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JUISIR Cold Press Juicer

Juicing is great. The cleaning of the machine that inevitably follows isn’t. JUISIR follows in the footsteps of the uber-convenient Juicero in making juicing close to effortless, albeit with reusable juicing bags (or single use, if you’re lazy) to fill with your own fruits and/or vegetables instead of purchasing proprietary (and pricy) juicing packs from the company. To use it, you’ll need to chop up some fruits and vegetables into dollar coin-sized pieces and load the bag up with about 0.8lbs of the stuff. Then, insert the bag into the slot on top and press the machine’s only (and very prominent) button to put it to work exerting about 8 tonnes of pressure on the bag’s contents. Out comes about a cup of juice over the next 90 seconds, and since no parts of the machine come in contact with the bag’s contents other than the bag itself there’s nothing else to clean.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – roughly $450

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Nostalgia Electric Drink Infuser & Dispenser

Its job is nothing complex: just slosh some liquid and fruits/herbs/spices around, then dispense the resulting drink via a spout. Still, the Nostalgia Electric Drink Infuser & Dispenser does the above on a large scale with its three stackable one-gallon reservoirs that can make one drink each and that boast a slow-rotating paddle to stir the ingredients up and hasten the infusion process. Serve your drinks stacked on the stainless steel base or remove and cover each reservoir individually with the three included covers. It’s also got filtered infusion chambers for keeping certain ingredients from ending up in drinks and LEDs in the base to light up the stack during late-night parties.

Grab one at Amazon – $70 [via]

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Food & Drink

Brookstone Grill Tumbler

The champion of charcoal or baron of BBQ has a new weapon in his arsenal to achieve the perfect grill. Brookstone’s Grill Tumbler is an easy way to evenly cook meats and veggies without the need for tongs or spatulas. The Grill Tumbler not only makes for even cooking, it comes with a tray that ensures all pieces are equally marinated and a non-stick coating to make cleanup a breeze. The design makes turning your food as easy as rolling the Tumbler across your grill, and the silicone handles keep the basket closed and protect your hands against the heat. There’s even a tray lid to keep odors contained while your food marinates in the fridge.

Find it at Brookstone – $50

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Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle

Fellow’s original Stagg Pour-Over Kettle had a precise thermometer up top so you’d know when its water was at the right temperature. The Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle, on the other hand, takes care of for you thanks to a base that heats it up to exactly the temperature you’ve set. This is accomplished through the use of an intuitive twist dial on the right side that then pushes down to activate, showing the selected temperature — anywhere from 135°F to 212°F — on the inverse LCD to the right. Once the desired temperature is attained the EKG either goes to sleep or holds for 30 minutes, this choice dictated by the only other physical input on the device: a toggle on the back. Each of course includes the kettle, with a precision pour spout and a counterbalanced handle for a more stable hold. And it’s also available in a EKG+ model that’s got all of the same features but that’s powered by Acaia and includes Bluetooth for full controls from the Brewbar app and for connectivity to Acaia’s scales and the Baratza Sette 270W grinder to produce (and reproduce) precise brew recipes with ease.

Find it at Kickstarter – $105+

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Fizzics Waytap Draft Beer Dispenser

Draft beer isn’t impossible to pour at home, it’s just that typical systems are more complex and expensive than the average beer lover would like. Now there’s another, simpler option with the Fizzics Waytap Draft Beer Dispenser, which recreates the taste and texture of draft beer without taking up much space or pulling beer from a keg. Instead, the tap fits over a standard/tall can or a bottle of beer and pours at the pull of its lever. When the handle is pushed to the closed position to finish the pour the Waytab converts the exiting brew’s natural carbonation into perfect foam by using sound waves instead of nitrogen canisters. It works with all types of beers and runs on four AA batteries so it’s portable, too.

Grab one at Amazon – $130

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Levo Oil Infuser

Infusing butter or oil with botanicals — whether of the mind altering variety of not — is a messy and time consuming job. The coffee machine-sized Levo Oil Infuser originates, unsurprisingly, out of Colorado and automates the process, doing all the handiwork for you with dead-on precision. Insert the herbs and oil, set the time and desired temperature on its intuitive touchscreen, and start Levo up. When the infusion’s done the oil is filtered and dispensed, and all that’s left in terms of cleanup is to throw the reservoir in the dishwasher for a hands-off cleanup.

Learn more at Levo – $140

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Eva Solo Nordic Kitchen

They boast handsome oak handles and look like they’re cast iron. But in actuality you’ll be surprised if you lift one since the pots and pans that make up Eva Solo’s Nordic Kitchen collection are built of sturdy but lightweight aluminum and boast a four-layer non-stick Slip-Let coating for cooking with less fat (and easy cleaning afterwards). The core collection includes several pot sizes, a sauté and three frying pans, plus a saucepan (shown). Also part of Nordic Kitchen series are a triad of cutting boards, an 8-knife stand, and several mixing bowls, though the latter are made of melamine and not aluminum.

Grab some pieces at Amazon or Eva Solo – $140+

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Skid Wooden Chef Knife

Wood wouldn’t quite keep a razor-sharp edge, so the Skid Wooden Chef Knife isn’t technically 100% made of wood. Instead this remarkable knife’s composition is closer to 97% wood and 3% alloyed carbon steel, the latter very hard and used just for the blade’s edge. The Robinia wood used itself is harder than oak and boasts a high percentage of tannin which has antibacterial properties so that nothing but warm water is needed to clean the blade. Wood and metal come together seamlessly and durably, and the knife handles nicely due to its low weight. Also available in other woods including mahogany, smoked mood oak coupled to Damascus steel, and ebony.

Find it at Indiegogo – roughly $200

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Frankfurter Brett Basic Kitchen Workbench

As its name suggests the Frankfurter Brett Basic Kitchen Workbench aims to be more than just a simple cutting board. Two pull-out brackets in the front hold up to two containers for waste while other brackets at the back hold other containers as well as a cookbook or tablet (by way of an optional stand) to display and consult the recipe you’re working on. It’s definitely on the big side but the way it extends off the kitchen countertop actually works to increase working space, and near-nonexistent gaps between the board and the containers up front minimize the mess and simplify cleanup. Comes in several wood options such as oak, maple, and walnut, though with six plastic containers and nothing else — the cookbook stand ($16) and all other containers, including metal, are extra.

Check it out at Kickstarter – roughly $130

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Spinn Coffee Maker

The Spinn Coffee Maker is as convenient as a Keurig machine while resulting in far better coffee. One single machine can make either Espresso, Lungo, Americano, or a carafe full of standard drip coffee with a touch of its capacitive front panel. Its name — Spinn — insinuates what lies within the machine: a centrifugal brewing core varies in speed between 500 and 6,000 rpm depending on the selection of coffee and during the brewing process for optimal extraction. Alongside this is an instant flash heater, a nano water filter, a conical burr grinder with variable grind coarseness, and a reservoir for your whole beans. It’s also connected through Amazon’s Alexa and your smartphone (via an app) to start a brew or schedule one from anywhere with minimal effort, always making just as much java as you need and not one cup more. Higher end options include a larger XL bean reservoir and a milk frother.

Hit up Spinn for details – $300+

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Click & Grow Smart Garden

Think of the Click & Grow Smart Garden like their Wall Farm, only much smaller. It’s capable enough to grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables from strawberries and cherry tomatoes to green lettuce and bok choy without much fuss. First, plug it in, put in nine plant refills, and fill its reservoir — hidden in its base — with water. Every two months or so you’ll need to refill the reservoir and, as the plants grow big, you’ll need to raise lamp, which has nine OSRAM LEDs that boast an optimized spectra to maximize plant growth. But that’s it, and frankly, you could barely screw this up if you tried.

Find it at Kickstarter – $130+

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