Current Bag Co Charging Backpack

If it weren’t for the lightning bolt motifs on its zipper holds or, perhaps, its name, you’d never guess the Current Bag Co Charging Backpack had electrified ambitions. The backpack comes in the retro-styled Classic that’s made of blended nylon and accented with leather and steel zippers as well as a sleek, modern Move variant built with weathered polyester for more physically active wear. Both are durable, water-resistant, feature a quick-access front pocket for stashing stuff that you’ll want to keep in close reach, and boast a multitude of other pockets and compartments to obsessively organize everything from your sunglasses to your laptop. And of course both also include either a 5,000mAh (in the Move) or 10,000mAh (in the Classic) charging station that packs enough juice to charge your tablet or smartphone several times over.

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Presented by Current Bag Co.

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Creek Cutler Repurposed File Knives

The knurling on the knife handle and base of the blade isn’t just for show. It’s there because Creek Cutler’s Repurposed File Knives are, as their name indicates, reborn after serving a life in the form of a farrier or metal working file — though this patterning also conveniently serves to increase your grip on what’s an otherwise very sharp knife. The to-be-scrapped carbon steel files are forged, reheated, and custom ground to your choice of blade shape, be it chef’s, paring, Santoku, or other. This, plus the fact that each is one of a kind, certainly justifies the price.

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B-2 Nano Blade

If you’ve been carrying a 3- to 4-inch bladed folding knife in your EDC rotation, you know that even titanium can’t overcome the bulk factor of such a cutter. Bomber & Company engineers have overcome that obstacle with the B-2 Nano Blade, the world’s smallest tactical pocket knife (note: it’s much smaller than it looks). Inspired by the B-2 Stealth Bomber, the Nano Blade is concealable, tough, and utilitarian meets badass. The Nano’s blade is split with serrated and sharp edges utilizing a chisel ground and flat ground respectively. At just 80mm long when opened, the 48mm long and 20mm wide closed Nano can be easily concealed in any pocket, even those otherwise useless throwback watch pockets found on many a denim trouser. It’s also ultralight, weighing in at less than 1 ounce. The 58-60HRC 440C black stainless steel blade and body are corrosion resistant to withstand any abuse that urban and outdoor operators can dish out, though each comes with a lifetime replacement warranty in the unlikely event your Nano breaks. Now if only you could find a nano wallet.

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Para-Claw Survival Bracelet

Paracord-equipped survival bracelets are nothing new. But one that hides a 1.5-inch hawkbill blade made of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel in its clasp? The Para-Claw Survival Bracelet secures this blade in a glass reinforced nylon guard and deploys quickly using just a single hand — because that’s all you’ll have to work with considering the bracelet will be strapped to the other. For grip the blade boasts a groove underneath and jimping up top alongside the short nylon handle and blade on which to rest your thumb, and the woven 550 paracord making up the bracelet — which can also be unweaved in a pinch — also works double duty to solidify your hold.

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It’s not particularly hard to build, but you’ll still get a fair amount of satisfaction from putting together your own Chipwallet just the way you like it. This minimal wallet is made of post-consumer recycled materials in the form of chipboard and ships flat as a single sheet, so you’ll need to pop out the four plates — which include two cover plates, a cash plate, and a key plate. An included woven elastic band holds the plates securely around up to twelve of your cards while the cash and key plates, if so desired, can be placed on the outside to stash some folded cash or a pair of standard sized keys, respectively, the band acting to keep them from falling out.

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Boker Plus Lancer

It’s devoid of the curves and indents of many (most?) modern knives, but the Boker Plus Lancer looks all the cleaner for it. Which is perhaps no surprise considering it’s a Serge Panchenko design, who’s best known for his Spyderco Dog Tag Knives. Still, it’s long enough to rock a solid grip that’s made of two G10 scales on either side of a titanium linerlock, so this knife is lightweight as well as handy. The 3-inch blade is made of 440C stainless steel and also boasts a big thumb hole for one-handed opening. It’s also got a clip on the other side for carry; considering it weighs just 2.4 ounces as a whole you’re not likely to leave this one at home.

Find it at Boker – $95

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Wax & Jackson Record Tote

Carry a few vinyls in it. Or don’t. Wax & Jackson Record Totes look inconspicuously great either way while boasting the square-ish shape needed to lug a small stack of vinyls around, when you need to, alongside books and work and other things not categorized as play. The bag comes dyed and bonded in either olive or mustard colors, both made of 24oz British water-resistant cotton canvas and adorned with fine vegetable-tanned leather straps and solid brass hardware. They’re both also handmade in England to be super hard wearing. And considering the company sells just these two bags and small bottles of vinyl cleaning fluid you can bet it’ll live up to its expectations.

Find it at Wax & Jackson – roughly $185 [via]

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Ti Pocket Pro Auto Adjusting EDC Pen

Big Idea Design’s been good about making versatile pens compatible with a wide range of refill types. But their latest, the Ti Pocket Pro Auto Adjusting EDC Pen, takes this idea to the final iteration. Every pen in the above image is actually the same model — except of course for color and the ink cartridge inside — which is made possible to a clever telescopic design that fits over 80 types of refills without the need for extra parts or hacks of any sort. It’s also got an auto-adjusting collet at the tip that squeezes snugly around the pen tip to eliminate wiggling regardless of diameter. A shorter length versus other pens as well as a thick, textured grip means the Ti Pocket Pro is ideal as part of your everyday carry. As for accepted refills: well, the list is downright massive, but spans some of our favorites including Pilot’s Hi-Tec C (Cavalier variant) and the Fisher Space Pen cartridge.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – $60+

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Air Force Coin Knife

It’s bigger than your average coin with a diameter of 1 7/8 inches, not to mention the fact that it’s adorned with the U.S. Air Force’s logo and core values on one side and a USAF-themed montage on the other, so there’s no passing it for legal tender. But it’s got all the makings of a lucky coin that you’ll also want to bring along in your wallet for your adventures as part of your everyday carry, especially since the Air Force Coin Knife features a triad of fold out tools, Swiss Army Knife-style. Inside is one stainless steel blade, a file, and a compact pair of scissors that, while all tiny, accomplish their respective tasks better than your bare hands could. Two antiqued finishes are available and include nickel and bronze.

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AutoXscape Car Emergency Tool

The AutoXscape Car Emergency Tool is one of those products you’ll buy, throw in your glovebox, and hopefully forget about. Until the day you need to use it, which, with any luck, will never come. The tool’s three functions include an IPX7 waterproof 135 lumen flashlight, a SK2 high-carbon steel seatbelt cutter (which is particularly useful when you’re hanging upside down in a flipped car with your full weight on the belt), and a tungsten steel window punch that makes quick work of glass, underwater or not. It’s all-aluminum body is fitted with a knurled rubber grip as well, should the metal prove too slippery.

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Bellroy Designers Edition Wallets

Bellroy’s wares are already a cut above most others’. And Bellroy Designers Edition Wallets are a further cut above those, altogether not unlike their XO Barneys NY collection of recent past. The collection revamps a part of Bellroy’s existing range, including the Note Sleeve and Travel Wallet, while adding new ones — like a minimal card holder and a zip wallet — to the mix. Each product couples rich European leather to refined techniques that minimize stitchwork and smooth corners and edges for a luxurious yet minimal look. Shown in the first image is the Travel wallet in black, which has room for a passport, a myriad of cards, cash, and also includes a micro travel pen. The second is the Note Sleeve that we’re currently rocking (albeit not in a Designers Edition luxed-up form), which is a solid all-around compact front-pocket bifold that’ll hold up to 11 cards along various slots; one’s even equipped with a pull tab to get the bulk of your less-used cards out really quick.

Learn more at Bellroy – $130 to $330

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Wingback Cash Wallet

Somewhat of a departure from their previous card and cash holders, the Wingback Cash Wallet is their first that’s essentially a trifold, unfurling for access to its rather capacious banknote slot: it’ll hold up to 20 bills of virtually any currency. As well, its five contained cards are held in a single compartment that’s fully accessible from the top so you can pay for your coffee or pull out an RFID passcard in a flash. Each can also be customized in one of several colors of Italian full grain vegetable-tanned leather and with one of seven thread colors, as well as with either a machined brass or stainless steel fastener top over the clip that securely holds the wallet closed.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $55+

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Tactile Turn Glider Pen

Ever owned a good metal pen? They last surprisingly long, which is to say most likely forever, and are far more pleasant to use than disposable plastic ballpoints. The Tactile Turn Glider Pen is one such example, machined of either 360 brass or 304 stainless steel and fitted with a clip made of the latter. While it’s equipped with a bolt-action mechanism it’s one unlike any other since the path is given a C-shape that lets you advance or retract the contained ink cartridge (see full list of compatible cartridges here, but it’ll fit Pilot’s G2 and Hi-Tec C Cavalier which is really all we needed to know) with one fluid motion. Which also means it’s a solid fidget gadget on top of being a writing implement that’ll stand the test of time.

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