Tobacco Humidor Candle

Nothing is more soothing at the end of a tough day than aged single malt and a fine cigar. But social morays what they are it can be difficult to find the time or place to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and aficionados of the smoking art know some things can’t be rushed. While there’s no replacement for opening your humidor, selecting a cigar like a sommelier would choose a fine wine, and pursuing your own relaxation ritual, the Tobacco Humidor Candle offers the next best thing. The intoxicating aroma of rich tobacco an musky cedar that tantalizes the olfactory when opening your humidor have been captured in a 100% soy wax candle. While not hand rolled, these candles are hand made in New Jersey and can fill your room or office with the scent of a stocked humidor — all without exposing your cigars to dry air.

Find it at Cool Material – $25

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X-01 Titanium Pen

Contrary to what ad and PR hacks would tell you, a pen can’t transform your writing or help you put thoughts on paper any better than a pencil or a word processor. However a fine writing instrument can inspire one to go beyond what they perceived their limits to be, and the X-01 is such a pen. The minimalist design does away with caps and clips to allow the unibody design and custom-made retraction mechanism to shine. Precision machined from titanium, aluminum, or brass, its all-metal construction is solid yet lightweight enough for marathon writing sessions, save for the brass model which is more of an acquired taste at a hefty 74 grams. Easily obtained rollerball water-based refills keep you up and writing with a year cap off time per refill, accepting standard Schmidt cartridges in fine, medium and broad tips.

Read more at Kickstarter – roughly $43+

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Chums Key Quiver

Cheap. Simple. And effective at rectifying that mess of keys in your pocket. The Chums Key Quiver is made up of a silicone sleeve and a fastener that turn a bundle of keys into a Swiss Army Knife of sorts, albeit one that’s suited to opening doors and locks. Four keys fit inside along with the included tasker tool that adds a few more gadgets to your arsenal, namely a bottle opener, both flathead and Phillips screwdrivers, and two rulers: one Imperial and one SAE. Chunky car key fobs are of course left out but they can still hang on to the included keyring.

Find it at Chums – $10 [via]

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Refyne P1 Modular EDC Pen & Flashlight

The Refyne P1 Modular EDC Pen & Flashlight isn’t just your garden variety ballpoint pen with a dinky bulb slapped on the end. The rugged flashlight is lightweight yet extremely strong thanks to a grade 5 titanium build and boasts a bolt action mechanism that presents the tip of the included waterproof Lamy M22 rollerball insert, displaying a red dot within the bolt’s cutout to indicate that it’s ready to write. On the tail end lies the removable flashlight module, secured both magnetically and with a twist-lock to the pen body to prevent from knocking it off accidentally. Inside is a CREE XP-G2 LED emitter and circuit with two modes — 9 lumens on low and 130 lumens on high — which is more than adequate for everyday use. And though a single (and unconventional) 10180 battery powers the flashlight, you’ll never need to hunt another one down, even when drained, since it’s both removable and rechargeable via a micro USB port and charge indicator hidden beneath the head cap.

Available in polished and bead blasted finishes at Kickstarter – $70

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Tweez Too Pocket Tweezers

Good, small portable tweezers are hard to come by. The ones on Swiss Army Knives aren’t bad but they’re exceedingly tiny, and too flimsy for pulling out hardy splinters and the like. Tweez Too Pocket Tweezers more closely resemble full-sized tweezers albeit in a folding form that measures about  2¾-inches in length when closed. Their hand-sharpened tips are precise and perfect for extracting slivers or unwanted hair and they snap into both closed and open positions thanks to knibs on the inside of the glass fibre-reinforced nylon handle. A key ring hole even makes Tweez Too suitable for keychain carry.

Find it at Cool Material’s Shop – $22

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Kohler Real Rain Shower

“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day.” Forget Seuss, Kohler’s ceiling-mountable Real Rain water delivery system lets you experience the exhilaration of a warm summer storm in your shower and in the privacy of your own home. Kohler engineers studied elements of a natural rain shower, taking note of raindrop sizes, velocities and fall angles to recreate them and transport bathers to the center of a summer rainstorm. Real Rain’s innovative silicone sprayface has dozens of unique nozzles with varying geometries that simulate rain by adjusting the size of water droplets. Their rate of fall is randomized just like a real rainstorm, and the shower relies on gravity rather than typical pressurized spray to shape the water. Turn up the water pressure and the storm begins slowly before reaching full strength, with 775 concave nozzles mimicking nature before finally opening up for a true deluge to soak the bather. There’s even a mode to limit the amount of water falling on the users face. Finish options include Polished Chrome, Matte Black, Vibrant Brushed, and several others that will fit right in with any modern shower.

Learn more at Kohler – $TBA



Grypmat Tool Mat

You don’t need to work on airplane engines to appreciate the versatility of the Grypmat Tool Mat. This bright orange polymer-silicone mat is non-magnetic, chemical resistant, and anti-static, but most of all it’s flexible and, as hinted by its name, highly grippy, sticking to a variety of uneven work surfaces to keep your tools in close proximity. Its non-absorbent material won’t suck in grease or dirt so cleaning is generally as simple as wiping gunked-up surfaces with a damp cloth. Get it in three sizes: a small version with six compartments, a medium sized one as well as a large, with the latter two featuring integrated rulers in both metric and imperial.

Find it at Kickstarter – $30+

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Patagonia Lightweight Black Hole Bags

If you’re the type to always be prepared while never knowing if you’ll need extra carrying room, Patagonia’s Lightweight Black Hole collection was made for you. These ripstop nylon packs, like their non-Lightweight brethren, are near indestructible, yet pack away without adding much bulk, or weight thanks to carefully pruned-down designs. They’re also suited to weather inclement conditions thanks to a TUP-film laminate and DWR finish on all outer fabric. The backpacks are strategically built with breathable mesh shoulder straps and back panels plus an adjustable sternum strap, albeit without padding (there had to be sacrifices somewhere) while the two duffel sizes feature diagonal zippers to grant full access to their main compartment and tubular webbing grab handles that adjust for use as a handle, shoulder strap, or as a sort of oversized backpack. Each also offers well-placed pockets to help organize your smaller objects from your keys to your water bottle(s).

Hit up Patagonia for details – $50 to $100

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RediTape Pocket Duct Tape

Evidently, the only reason duct tape is so bulky is due to the cardboard roll at its center. RediTape Pocket Duct Tape scraps that to shrink the roll down flat to fit in a pocket, glove box, or tool box much easier for added portability. It’s still made of strong, good quality duct tape, tears easily across, and comes in two packs of various colours. The alternative of course is making one yourself, or adding a couple of feet of tape on your keychain with this.

Learn more at Amazon – $6 for two

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Piuma Fountain Pen

Designed to be amongst the most minimal of writing instruments, the Piuma Fountain Pen is stripped of all extraneous features. The pen’s body is machined of either aluminum, brass, or titanium billet to a smooth rounded contour that’s continuous with its cap. The latter goes on and comes off quickly thanks to wide threading and reveals an interchangeable German-made Bock nib in either polished or matte black. Each comes with a Schmidt K5 Standard Ink Converter and five black ink cartridges, and varies quite a bit in weight from the lightweight aluminum version to the much heftier brass one.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $50+

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James Brand Folsom Black + Black

Utilitarian. From its sure gripping G10 scales and steel liner-lock to the Carpenter CTS-BD1 stainless steel blade, the James Brand Folsom Black is made for a lifetime of hard use. It’s not a knife that shies away from a scratch or a little pocket wear unlike some knives claiming to be EDC. The Folsom features an ambidextrous blade opening slot and reversible clip, tip-up carry. The drop point blade with an overall length of 2.81 inches is perfect for everyday chores. And like the iconic Man in Black, who wrote of his experience with Folsom, the knife is so black that even its 416 Stainless hardware is black-oxide coated. Also available in bone (white), blue, and black with raw stainless.

Find it at The James Brand – $100

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Morakniv Eldris Fixed-Blade Knife

It’s no secret that the Morakniv Eldris Fixed-Blade Knife has a tiny blade. At 59mm long its stainless steel blade — which also features a square-edged spine for striking fire steel without dulling the blade — is way shorter than those on most comparable knives but truth be told the full length is rarely used anyway, making this compact knife not much bigger than most folders and without the safety risk of the blade folding back onto fingers. Moreover its handle, which is made from two different polymers, isn’t downsized so it’s grippy, feels good in hand, and comes in a solid range of colors. It’s also lightweight and comes with a click-locking sheath that can conveniently be worn around your neck.

Grab one at Amazon – $24+

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Malvaux Number 1 Pocket Knife

It’s like your familiar Swiss army knife, with a twist. Or rather, a bend. A single hand-polished stainless steel blade folds into the Malvaux Number 1 Pocket Knife and it’s easier than before to open, without needing to put much strain on your fingernail. Actually it’s got no fingernail groove at all and instead can be gripped between thumb and forefinger. Its innards that hold the non-locking blade in the open position are water-jet cut just like the blade itself and its shell is made of CNC-milled aluminum — and not plastic — that’s also anodized in red (shown) or slate. And did we mention the bend also helps with grip?

Learn more at Malvaux – roughly $246

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