Bottle Opener

Leverage Bottle Opener

Wall-mounted bottle openers have been around for nearly as long as the pop-top bottle. The Leverage Bottle Opener, though, is somewhat nicer looking than its cast iron brethren. It’s designed as an angular wire frame and is lost wax cast of solid brass, with a sealant finish that minimizes discoloration with time to keep cracking open beers and sodas for what basically amounts to eternity. Mount it to your kitchen or workshop wall using the two included drywall plugs and matching screws, ideally over a bin for catching caps. Also available as a handheld bottle opener (see second image) that’s just as efficient, only more portable.

Find it at Kickstarter – $30 to $65

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ClutchIt Magnetic Phone Mount

We wouldn’t trust most suction cup phone holders with the safety of our pricy smartphones. The ClutchIt Magnetic Phone Mount is about as versatile but a lot more secure thanks to powerful neodymium magnets on either end that articulate about a short machined 7075 aluminum arm on two rotating ball joints. You’ll of course need metallic surfaces on which to affix it so the gadget includes three magnetic metal pads backed with clear, no-residue adhesive to stick around frequently used, non-metallic surfaces like your car’s dashboard.

Find it at BiteMyApple – $40

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Tempus Spin Coin

Decision fatigue is a thing. Tempus Spin Coin is an EDC coin that spins to make mundane decisions for you, like who’s buying the next round. Each is painstakingly machined down from billet, hand engraved, and set with a hard, low-friction ceramic ball that allows the coin to spin for up to 9 or so minutes once you’ve got the technique just right. The art includes a pointing skeleton hand on one side that serves as a reminder that life is short and, on the back, a depiction of Joshua Tree. Available in bronze, copper, or .999 silver, they’re small enough that you’ll want to have yours in your wallet, ready to fidget with and kill time anywhere.

Find it at Kickstarter – $43+

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Ping GPS Locator

Having the option of tracking the location of kids, pets, bikes, your car, or anything important, really, just got easier with the Ping GPS Locator. Ping addresses issues of range common with standard Bluetooth trackers and battery life with other GPS trackers (that typically last just a few days), extending the former to anywhere with cellular reception and the latter to three months on standby. If you need to locate one just whip out the app and click to find, showing you its location instantly. A one year data plan is included, afterwards increasing to 3$ per month, and once its battery gives out it can simply be recharged. The round detailing on its front also hides a button that can be clicked once as a check-in or twice to send an SOS signal to paired smartphones.

Grab one (or several) at Indiegogo – $90

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Lounging around on the sofa isn’t truly lazy if you need to reach far and grab your drink off of a side table or, worse, the floor, every time you want a sip. The CouchCoaster guarantees you won’t need to — and also that the drink in question won’t accidentally spill while resting someplace on the uneven sofa surface — by adding a cup holder to the arms of your couch, regardless of their shape. It does this by using silicone “wings” with weighted ends that add stability and that won’t slip much on fabric. An included adapter fits smaller drinks like narrow glasses or aluminum cans while a cutout on the silicone accommodates mugs with handles, too.

Find it at The Grommet – $20

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Zen Micromagnets

Remember Bucky Balls, those ridiculously-fun-but-ridiculously-dangerous-if-ingested magnetic spheres that could be sculpted into a variety of shapes and structures? They’re unfortunately still banned, but Zen Micromagnets are not. These 2.5mm neodymium magnets are half the diameter of Bucky Balls and comparable magnets but skirt the ban thanks to their reduced individual magnetic strength, attaining CPSA compliance. Because they’re tiny they’re a bit more of a challenge to work with though they make up for it in numbers: 432 magnets cost just 25 bones while a ludicrous 1728 will run you 84. Just remember to keep them out of reach of children and to not swallow any yourself.

Grab a set at Micromagnets – $25+ [via]

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Elago W3 Stand for Apple Watch

Missing that old school floppy-enabled Macintosh you used to use in elementary school? Elago’s W3 Stand for Apple Watch found a creative way to bring it back, in a much tinier form, that uses your smartwatch as its backdrop. The stand is made entirely of soft silicone to softly nestle your pricy device and secures it solidly while charging thanks to a slot for your Apple Watch charger, its cable exiting out the back. Knock it (and your Apple Watch) off your night table? The thick silicone should shield it admirably. No charger included, but then again at fifteen bucks we couldn’t really ask for much more.

Find it at Amazon – $15

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Intelligent Security Camera Cover

Both Mark Zuckerberg and the Pope cover their laptop’s cameras. Maybe you should, too. The Intelligent Security Camera Cover, or ISCC, makes doing so way more elegant than sticking a small piece of Post-It over your camera. It’s thinner than its competitors and even thinner than a credit card to ensure your laptop’s screen closes unaffected. Fits onto most laptops and smartphones, sticking durably thanks to an advanced adhesive on the “ring” that won’t leave any residue if ever removed. The neodymium disk then attaches to the ring magnetically, sliding from one side to the other with a flip of the finger to guarantee privacy better than any piece of software ever could.

Find it at Kickstarter – $9

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Bottle Opener

G-Clamp Bottle Opener

It looks like serious business… until you notice the indentation in its side. Suck UK’s G-Clamp Bottle Opener is otherwise a traditional cast-iron G-clamp that’ll prove useful for woodworking or repairs, and that’s also handy afterwards when you just want to get into a cold one. Clamp it to your workshop bench or, if you don’t have one, kitchen counter or garden table so as to keep it within arm’s reach.

Grab one at Suck UK – $12 [via]

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool Kit

The Millennium Falcon isn’t in the best of shape. Short of having an R2 droid onboard to handle repairs, the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Multi-Tool Kit should do nicely. The die-cast zinc alloy Falcon replica stashes two carbon steel screwdrivers — one a flathead and the other a Phillips — in its escape pods, four hex keys that stash away in its cargo bay (and that are accessible via a magnetically closing door), and a wrench that’s adjusted by a worm gear on the ship’s underside. And it’s just in time to stuff some stockings.

Grab one at ThinkGeek – $30

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Titanium Little Pinch More

It’s downright tiny, yet the Titanium Little Pinch More is completely packed with features that you wouldn’t expect from a tool of its stature. Functions include scissors, tweezers, a flathead screwdriver as well as a Phillips, a small knife, a bottle opener (though you’ll need a loop, like a keyring, for leverage), a wire stripper, and can also be used as a lever or even as a can opener with a bit of ingenuity. Until you need the above it can sit dormant on your keychain or even on a zipper as a zipper handle, waiting.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $60

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Bottle Opener

T-Rex Bottle Opener

If a T-Rex can tear the top off of a Land Cruiser the flimsy bottle cap atop your beer or soda shouldn’t be much of an obstacle for the T-Rex Bottle Opener. This cast-iron dinosaur is larger than it looks at just over 10 inches in length and cracks open caps with its teeth. Just don’t knock it off balance (and off your kitchen counter) or the hefty dino — at two pounds — will leave a dent in your floor.

Learn more at Cool Material – $40

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Phone Bed

Seemingly halfway to being a gag, Thrive Global’s Phone Bed is real — and actually looks pretty inviting, at least if you’re the size of a phone or tablet. The bed includes a dual-sided microfiber and satin blanket that cleans screens, two slots for tablets or e-readers, and enough room on top for a handful of smartphones to rest overnight. A ten-port USB hub hides inside also recharges all your tucked-in devices. Available in either mahogany and poplar.

Learn more at Thrive Global – $100

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