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Trees Knees Coffee Maple Syrup

Coffee is a morning drink. Maple syrup is a morning… condiment topping syrup. In a moment of epiphany Bushwick Kitchen combined the two in Trees Knees Coffee Maple Syrup. Each 13.5 oz bottle contains organic Grade A maple syrup from the Catskill Mountains that’s infused with Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ Hair Bender Blend, imbuing it with notes of toffee, fudge, and dark chocolate. Perfect for enjoying some waffles/flapjacks, as an ice cream topping, or just pouring into your coffee as a sweetener.

Learn more at Bushwick Kitchen – $14 [via]

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Brewing your own beer is a great hobby but learning all the ins and outs is unavoidably time consuming. PicoBrew’s been making it easier for some time, and their new Pico C brewing appliance and PicoStill, in particular, expand what you can create at home. The PicoStill is a distilling attachment that’s compatible with both previous and current Pico and Zymatic brewing appliances, and sits atop the Pico C Keg. A copper coil runs through its clear glass infusion and works to distill hop oil, essential oils, water, and even a variety of spirits spanning bourbon to vodka, though only attempt the latter if you have a license and your local laws permit it.

Find it at Kickstarter – $170+

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Army Men Gummies

There’s a good chance you’ve burned, decapitated, and blown up handfuls of green Army men (and maybe seen a psychiatrist for it). Now you can eat them too, not to mention melting them in the microwave, thanks to Army Men Gummies made by Albanese Confectionery. These Green Apple-flavored gummies are just under two inches tall — roughly the same height as the toys — and position the men in four similar stances. Best of all they’re sold in bulk in bags as big as 5 pounds, so you’ll have plenty of soldiers to work with.

Grab a pack at Amazon – $9+ [via]

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Elektra Micro Casa Leva S1 Espresso Machine

While it’s not the smallest machine to brew you a cup of espresso in spite of its name (for that look to Nomad or Handpresso), the Elektra Micro Casa Leva S1 Espresso Machine certainly delivers in brew quality, not to mention serves as a veritable ornament for your kitchen. The machine is devoid of an electric pump but makes up for quantity with quality; instead, a lever just like those in the earliest of espresso machines lets you do the work of pushing water through finely ground coffee by way of a spring lever mechanism that guarantees an even, consistent extraction regardless of your technique. It does however include a boiler however that redirects to a steam wand as well, so all you’ll need to add is a good grinder and some elbow grease. Available in three colors including chrome, copper (shown), and brass.

Learn more at Elektra – $1,500

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The Hangover Drink

It’s not the first remedy that promises to cure your hangover, nor will it be the last. But The Hangover Drink is actually pretty convincing, in a preliminary, potential sort of way (hit up PubMed for a successful study of injectable dihydromyricetin on drunk rats) that may be worth a shot if you absolutely need to be productive after a night of bingeing. Each compact 100ml glass bottle packs a dollop of the aforementioned dihydromyricetin, an enzyme that speeds up the metabolism of ethanol all the way to acetic acid. Mind you the active ingredient here is consumed orally, not injected, but they’ve also added in C and B vitamins, electrolytes, milk thistle, and prickly pear extract to maximize its odds of success (and the chance that you feel half-decent the morning after).

Learn more at The Hangover Drink – $TBA


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Clr Cff Clear Coffee

Worried about the long term tooth-staining effects of drinking tons of coffee? Clr Cff Colorless Coffee spares you the need for whitening strips. While still brewed using quality Arabica beans and water, Clr Cff ends up quite a bit less opaque than typical coffee, though not quite as clear as water itself. How, you ask? We don’t really know yet, and the team behind the beverage offers little in terms of an explanation. It does still contain about 100mg of caffeine to still serve as a quick pick-me-up and is best served chilled. And there’s no sugar added, either, so you really won’t need to bust our your toothbrush after downing a bottle.

Learn more at Clr Cff – $7.50 for two

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Ooho Edible Water Bottle

Disposable plastic water bottles are an increasingly worrying source of trash adding up in our landfills, and one that’s soon to be largely unnecessary not only because of our clean, running water supply but also the invention of the Ooho Edible Water Bottle. Call it a bubble or a bottle; regardless, Ooho features a shell made not of plastic but of a biodegradable film composed of seaweed and plant extracts. You can either peel off the membrane and pour the water in your mouth or eat the sphere whole. It’ll likely take some getting used to but these membranes cost less than equivalent amounts of plastic and are obviously far less taxing on the environment. Better yet, they can also hold a variety of beverage types including soft drinks, juice, and booze.

Learn more at Skipping Rocks Lab – $TBA


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Candiewood Farm Whiskey-Treated Wood Chips

Rubs and marinades play an important role in the ultimate taste of your meats when grilling and smoking. As does the wood burned. Candiewood Farm’s Whiskey-Treated Wood Chips set themselves apart from generic woods both by the way they’re prepared and flavored. They’re hand-cut of maple and hickory trees in small batches, then treated and soaked in a custom concoction of whiskey and spices that also contains either honey and chilli jam in the case of maple or cinnamon for the hickory chips. Both are equally likely to grab the attention of your neighbours’ noses and pair well with various meats and vegetables.

Learn more at Candiewood Farm & Co. – $18

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Budweiser Prohibition Brew

Originating during the era after which it’s named, Budweiser’s Prohibition Brew — which has no alcohol to comply with prohibition — was perhaps solace enough for habituated beer drinkers during those thirteen dry years, or at least when they weren’t weren’t drinking hooch. It’s brewed almost identically to standard Bud and contains all of the same key ingredients, hops, yeast, filtered water, and even goes through the same aging process. In short, everything’s identical except the alcohol’s removed right at the end. Perfect to chase down actual Bud when your BAC is at its limit but you haven’t had your fill, or to bring along to places where beer and booze isn’t permitted.

Coming to Canada first, then the USA. Check it out at Budweiser – $TBA


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Black Insomnia Coffee

Got ungodly amounts of work to do? Caffeine is key, and in that respect Black Insomnia Coffee sure isn’t lacking. Every normal 12 oz cup brewed with these beans (or grounds, or Nespresso capsules) contains a minimum caffeine content of 702mg  — or about two and a half to three times more than a comparably sized cup of Starbucks drip coffee — making sleep but a distant memory. The taste promises to be worthwhile, too, since it’s made with a carefully curated, medium roasted blend of Brazilian, Guatemalan, Ecuadorian, and Rwandan coffee beans that result in a naturally sweet, walnutty flavor.

Grab a bag at Amazon or learn more at Black Insomnia Coffee – $20

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All-Clad Prep & Cook

The All-Clad Prep & Cook isn’t just a food processor: it’s practically a sous chef. Tell it what to do and it’ll mix, chop, stir, knead, whip, stir fry, steam, or slow cook, all programmable using a simple, intuitive control panel and five interchangeable accessories. For instance, making cream soups is as easy as installing the appropriate blade and throwing in some chopped-up ingredients; the Prep & Cook will appropriately simmer then puree until ready. It’ll also lets you set time, temperature, and speed — the latter with 12 settings — for more customized recipes and has six pre-programmed buttons for commonly used settings that span making sauces to pastries. Includes a 300 recipe book for inspiration.

Find it at Sur La Table – $1,000

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KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Summer’s fast coming. One thing that means for coffee addicts is switching to (or at least mixing in) refreshing cold brew coffee in lieu of its piping hot counterpart. And the KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker handles both making and serving cold brew admirably. The space-saving cube-shaped coffee maker features a reusable stainless steel steeper that’s labelled with a fill level indicator for no-fuss brewing and a 28 oz capacity, making 14 portions of rich, smooth coffee concentrate that’s to be diluted with water or milk according to taste. Once it’s ready remove the steeper and leave the rest of it in the fridge, with its tap up front serving to cleanly dispense your drink on the fly.

Find it at Bed Bath & Beyond – $100

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Royal North Company Wooden Tumblers

They’re certainly not dishwasher safe, though we’d gladly hand wash Royal North Company’s Wooden Tumblers in exchange for drinking from these gorgeous whiskey tumblers. Each is handcrafted using a wood lathe and a hunk of solid Canadian birch, then finished with food-safe oil and a coating of an (importantly) alcohol-resistant water-based topcoat. Perfect for sipping on your preferred liquor in the dead of summer or even in winter, the latter especially relevant considering wood is warmer to the touch than glass (or metal).

Learn more at Royal North Company – roughly $70 [via]

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