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Food & Drink

Black Insomnia Coffee

Got ungodly amounts of work to do? Caffeine is key, and in that respect Black Insomnia Coffee sure isn’t lacking. Every normal 12 oz cup brewed with these beans (or grounds, or Nespresso capsules) contains a minimum caffeine content of 702mg  — or about two and a half to three times more than a comparably sized cup of Starbucks drip coffee — making sleep but a distant memory. The taste promises to be worthwhile, too, since it’s made with a carefully curated, medium roasted blend of Brazilian, Guatemalan, Ecuadorian, and Rwandan coffee beans that result in a naturally sweet, walnutty flavor.

Grab a bag at Amazon or learn more at Black Insomnia Coffee – $20

GET IT: $20


All-Clad Prep & Cook

The All-Clad Prep & Cook isn’t just a food processor: it’s practically a sous chef. Tell it what to do and it’ll mix, chop, stir, knead, whip, stir fry, steam, or slow cook, all programmable using a simple, intuitive control panel and five interchangeable accessories. For instance, making cream soups is as easy as installing the appropriate blade and throwing in some chopped-up ingredients; the Prep & Cook will appropriately simmer then puree until ready. It’ll also lets you set time, temperature, and speed — the latter with 12 settings — for more customized recipes and has six pre-programmed buttons for commonly used settings that span making sauces to pastries. Includes a 300 recipe book for inspiration.

Find it at Sur La Table – $1,000

GET IT: $1,000


KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Summer’s fast coming. One thing that means for coffee addicts is switching to (or at least mixing in) refreshing cold brew coffee in lieu of its piping hot counterpart. And the KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker handles both making and serving cold brew admirably. The space-saving cube-shaped coffee maker features a reusable stainless steel steeper that’s labelled with a fill level indicator for no-fuss brewing and a 28 oz capacity, making 14 portions of rich, smooth coffee concentrate that’s to be diluted with water or milk according to taste. Once it’s ready remove the steeper and leave the rest of it in the fridge, with its tap up front serving to cleanly dispense your drink on the fly.

Find it at Bed Bath & Beyond – $100

GET IT: $100

Food & Drink

Royal North Company Wooden Tumblers

They’re certainly not dishwasher safe, though we’d gladly hand wash Royal North Company’s Wooden Tumblers in exchange for drinking from these gorgeous whiskey tumblers. Each is handcrafted using a wood lathe and a hunk of solid Canadian birch, then finished with food-safe oil and a coating of an (importantly) alcohol-resistant water-based topcoat. Perfect for sipping on your preferred liquor in the dead of summer or even in winter, the latter especially relevant considering wood is warmer to the touch than glass (or metal).

Learn more at Royal North Company – roughly $70 [via]

GET IT: ~$70


Jul Heated Smart Mug

Like the Ember temperature adjustable mug before it, Power Practical’s Jul Heated Smart Mug is godsend for those who like to nurse their coffee or tea, albeit with a stark price drop that comes with ditching the batteries. The goal when drinking coffee/tea is simple: get your drink down to a reasonable temperature quickly but have it stay there longer — or even indefinitely. Jul does so by shedding the excess insulation found in most travel mugs, which tend to keep temperatures piping hot and undrinkable for hours, and replaces it with a heater that’s adjusted by a twist of the base to set between 120 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, place it on its cigarette adapter- (for in-car use) or USB-powered coaster. Thermometers inside the mug detect when the temperature has hit the set target, conveying this to you by way of a subtle glow from the base that lights up blue for too cool, red for too hot, and white for just right. It also includes a concave lid that’ll clear even the biggest of noses and that seals shut and opens up (to sip, or to vent and further cool your coffee) with a twist.

Grab one at Kickstarter – $45

GET IT: $45


Rocket Mozzafiato Evoluzione R

With commercial-grade features found on machines expressly made for cafes and the like, the Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Evoluzione R is perfect for those willing to invest a bit more effort (and cash) into a capable home espresso setup. Features include a 1.8-litre insulated boiler to brew and steam simultaneously, a full-sized rotary pump that pulls water from an integrated reservoir or, alternatively, from a direct water line, and a PID controller that keeps a close eye on water temperature. Its Italian-made good looks and chromed-out exterior don’t hurt, either.

Learn more at Rocket Espresso or grab one at Seattle Coffee Gear – $2,500

GET IT: $2,500


La Marzocco Home Espresso Subscription

Coffee aficionados have all likely enjoyed their share of espressos brewed from a La Marzocco machine. Some may even have visited their cafe/lab in Seattle. But even the best machine used by a skilled barista won’t make an excellent cup without good beans suited to your taste to begin with. That’s why La Marzocco’s Home Espresso Subscription wants to help you discover coffees you’d otherwise never stumble upon in your neck of the woods. The service ships two twelve-ounce bags to your door each month alongside brewing tips and parameters straight from the roasters’ mouth (or pen), to get you experimenting and mastering the tricks of the trade. April’s coffee — the single-origin Finca Tamana Espresso — from the acclaimed Tim Wendleboe of Oslo, Norway; others promise to be equally impressive.

Check it out at La Marzocco Home – $39 per month

GET IT: $39/month

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Nuni Tortilla Toaster

Tortillas are big. Sequentially flipping through a bunch to get them warm and toasty is a time consuming task that the Nuni Tortilla Toaster, fortunately, completely eliminates. Nuni toasts both sides of up to six 6-inch tortillas (of either the corn, flour, or wheat variety) simultaneously in about a minute to your desired shade of darkness. When the cycle’s done, the toaster’s inner frame rotates downwards to release the crispy tortillas for immediate consumption and readies to load up six more, meaning you can feed a literal army with burritos or tacos — provided of course enough filling.

Find it at Nuni – $80

GET IT: $80


Halo Kopi Luwak Diamond Coffee Pods

You may have already heard of Kopi Luwak, the rarest (and priciest) coffee in the world — you know, the one made from half-digested coffee cherries found in harvested palm civet excrement. It may sound disgusting but it’s not quite the case as they’re cleaned before roasting. Not that we’ve tried it ourselves but the end result is apparently quite good, and now it’s coming to your Nespresso machine in the form of Halo Kopi Luwak Diamond Coffee Pods. Besides the premium coffee within, these pods are the first to be fully compostable thanks to a bamboo and paper pulp blend, so you can throw them into your compost bin and they’ll degrade away along with the used-up coffee inside. Of course at $10 a pod you’ll need to really want it, though Halo’s got other, less premium (but still premium by any other measure) pods ready to go as well.

Learn more at Halo – roughly $120

GET IT: ~$120

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The Macallan x Urwerk Flask

Seeing Urwerk in the name was enough to know this was no ordinary flask. The Swiss watchmaker and the 193 year old Scotch whisky distillery’s collaborative piece, The Macallan x Urwerk Flask, is limited to 500 pieces and boasts over 150 parts to most flasks’ two or three. Its machined aluminum shell encases two titanium tanks to carry two whiskies simultaneously, switching and locking the mouthpiece to one or the other with a simple turn of its stainless steel knurled neck. So they’re not mixed up — and so a taste test isn’t required each time to tell which is which — cask indicators on the side tell you which Macallan whisky is in which tank. Rounding out its superlative features is a set of pop-out landing gear that deploy at a press of a tail-mounted button that let the flask stand freely and stably.

Learn more at The Macallan – $2,460

GET IT: $2,460

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Mucha Liga Tequila

Best. Decanters. Ever. Mucha Liga Tequila is personified by their distinctive bottling. But there’s more to this libation than just clever marketing. Three distinct Tequilas make Mucha Liga the source for fresh, fiery and fearless agave. Bravo is an unaged, clear tequila in its purest form taking flavor from blue agave for a natural, fresh and light experience to be enjoyed neat. Canibal ups the ante with a tequila rested in white oak barrels with a balance of caramel and blue agave. If these two aren’t enough, Mucha Liga also offers Invicto. Field matured agave is processed and rested in barrels to become a robust and bold Anejo. Any one of this familia makes for a phenomenal drink, neat, rocks or mixed.

Hit up Mucha Liga to learn more – $43+

GET IT: $43+

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Old Rip Van Winkle 25 Year Old Bourbon

You may like whiskey. You may love whiskey, but to true connoisseurs of mash delight, the pinnacle of Kentucky’s bourbon offering is Pappy’s Old Rip Van Winkle 25 Year Old Bourbon. This limited edition 100 proof elixir comes from eleven barrels of bourbon originally distilled in 1989. Only 710 handmade glass decanters packaged in boxes made from the staves of the oak barrels, which originally aged the spirit, are available for purchase, each packed with a certificate of authenticity signed by Julian Van Winkle, grandson of founder Julian P. “Pappy” Van Winkle. So magnificent is this offering mere money won’t secure a bottle. In fact, so sought after are all varieties of “Pappy” that retailers often hold lotteries to decide who is lucky enough to purchase them. Old Rip Van Winkle 25 is likely to make winning the bourbon lottery akin to hitting the power ball. It may already be too late to get in on ORVW 25, but maybe you can find one the many ruthless bourbon scalpers willing to make a deal.

Ships in April. Read their press release or bide some time at Old Rip Van Winkle – $1,800

GET IT: $1,800

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KitchenAid Artisan Black Tie Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

You’ve seen them in umpteen blindingly bright colors at your local department store. Maybe you even own one. Now it’s available in a more subdued 86th hue, albeit in limited edition, individually numbered fashion in the form of the murdered out KitchenAid Artisan Black Tie Tilt-Head Stand Mixer. The 5-quart mixer boasts a cast iron-like texture and incorporates more premium materials than its pedestrian brethren that include die cast zinc, satin, and black chrome. Each includes a black stainless steel bowl, a black coated flat beater and dough hook, and the same functionality, tilting head, and compatibility with hub powered attachments as the original model. Might be cheaper to have a DIY go at it and repaint your old one but it’s incontestably one good looking mixer — a phrase we never thought we’d utter.

Find it at KitchenAid – $1,000 [via]

GET IT: $1,000