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NerdChef Steel Pizza Stone

We won’t get too critical of traditional ceramic baking stones: after all, they’ve worked to make delicious, crispy pizzas for quite some centuries. But despite arguments in favor of ceramic due to moisture retention or the fact that it attains higher heat levels, it turns out that metal’s much higher thermal conductivity actually serves your pizza well, especially at the temperatures your home oven can attain (but don’t take our word for it, check out Serious Eats’ J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s experiments). NerdChef’s Steel Pizza Stone is made of steel that’s bead blasted, sanded to a smooth finish, and seasoned with organic flaxseed oil, the latter chosen for its high smoke point. You’ll need to treat it like a cast iron pan since it’s not stainless, but it’ll reward you for your efforts with perfectly baked pizza and crispy crusts. Unlike traditional stones it’s also completely unbreakable, and it comes in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch thicknesses that increase in weight (and cost).

Hit up Amazon for details – $77 to $100

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Food & Drink

Beyond Zero Liquor Ice Maker

Depending on who you ask, a touch of dilution can, very occasionally, serve certain spirits well. For all other drinks (and tastes) there’s the Beyond Zero Liquor Ice Maker, which literally puts liquor in the rocks. The freezer gets cold enough to freeze wine, cocktails, or even high-proof spirits like whisky and vodka, and makes ice in just a few minutes, with an optional freezer to store ice for later at temperatures a traditional freezer can’t match. Since its ice is way colder than frozen water it’ll keep your drink cooler for longer, and keeps it from getting diluted as the ice melts — hell, with the right ice you can actually make your drink get stronger over time.

Learn more at Beyond Zero – $5,000



Ironate Stovetop Pizza Cooker

Nothing compares to crispy pizza fresh from a genuine pizza oven, but anyone without the room or cash to drop on one can opt for the next best thing: the Ironate Stovetop Pizza Cooker. Load one with a pizza — frozen or fresh — and pop it on any type of stovetop, or even a grill or campfire. Its high carbon steel construction soaks up heat and disperses it into the pizza, with a cover (with two wooden handles that won’t get hot) to seal it up and raise temperatures to a blistering hot 800 degrees (with an adequate heating element of course). It’s otherwise basically built to last forever and also works for sautéing, stir-frying, and searing foods other than pizza.

Learn more at Huckberry – $145

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Discommon Lowball 2 Tumbler

Maybe you’re accustomed to Discommon’s radical and overbuilt designs, or maybe not. Either way the Discommon Lowball 2 Tumbler stands out from lowly glass vessels in its extravagance. The cup is milled from aerospace grade aluminum, textured, almost organically, for added comfort while cradled in hand, and finished with an inert coating in matte black that won’t contaminate your liquor with unwanted taste. Inside, it mirrors the traditional whisky snifter with a complex hourglass shape to trap aromas and increase surface area so you can warm up its contents — that hopefully actually do the tumbler credit — by cupping it in your hand.

Find it at Discommon – $280

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Stratus Decant Cabernet Franc

Wine bottle design is quite conservative to say the least. Stratus’ Decant Cabernet Franc comes in a bottle that’s instead seemingly deconstructed, or chopped up, by industrial designer Karim Rashid to create a unique looking form that also traps sediment during pouring — practical, considering Stratus’ first ever unfiltered wine inside. The wine’s sedimented nature also results in rich flavors that boast hints of raspberry jam, oak, anise, and cardamom, all of course naturally occurring during the fermentation process. Only 110 cases of the 2014 wine were produced, and if you get yours you might want to wait a couple years before drinking to let the lees inside extend the aging process.

Learn more at Stratus – $95 [via]

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Millo Smoothie Maker

Dubbed a smart blender, the Millo Smoothie Maker promises to be the best designed blender you’ve ever laid eyes on. The small blender’s Air Drive system employs magnets to power the blade, eliminating three quarters of the noise of traditional blenders (and one of their biggest annoyances). Moreover the blending chamber and the cap that seals it — which also contains the blade — screw together and aren’t physically attached to the base, so once your blending’s done you can just grab the cup off and go. The base also boasts a battery so you can bring it to the office (or anywhere else) and the Smart Lid remembers the blending preferences you set with your smartphone, leaving you ready to blend with a couple taps of the base’s touch-sensitive surface.

Learn more at Kickstarter – roughly $315

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OtterBox Venture Cooler

If the OtterBox Venture Cooler looks vaguely familiar, that’s because it’s styled rather similarly to the brand’s primary product line: rugged smartphone cases. Turns out their “protecting iPhones” know-how translated well to the design of a durable cooler that can hold ice not for two days but rather two weeks and can literally keep out bears. Available in three sizes — Venture 25, 45, and 65, with numbers certifying quarts of internal capacity — each cooler features sturdy latches to stay shut, a mounting system to rig up other accessories (like a bottle opener, cup holders, a cutting board, a side table, and more), and drop-resistance, empty or full, from just about every corner.

Learn more at OtterBox – $250+

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Alpine Start Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is good for getting some caffeine in your system just about anywhere, but actually drinking the stuff is anything but easy. Alpine Start Instant Coffee is the latest in a line of quality instant coffee products to save us from downing repulsive coffee to keep our buzz going, something that’s especially useful when you’ve got little specialized coffee making equipment on hand whilst travelling, camping, or hiking. Tear open a pouch and pour it into hot or cold water and the medium roast Arabica grind dissolves instantly with a quick stir. And it should taste about as good as your standard cup of drip coffee, though to be honest for instant our standards aren’t even set that high.

Grab some at Alpine Start – $9 for eight pouches

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Stash Inflatable Coolers

Our main gripe with rigid-walled coolers is that they’re as big empty as they are full. Which also means they take up way more room to store. West Marine-exclusive Stash Inflatable Coolers, on the other hand, offer the main benefits associated with hard-walled coolers — like ample storage space, drain plugs, and handles on either side to make it easier for two to carry — while also squeezing down small when not in use. An included pump fills its walls’ three air chambers with air for rigidity through a single valve and also helps speed up the deflation process later on. Since the walls are technically soft they can also bend more outwards when overstuffed, though with capacities going up to as much as 604 quarts you can pack enough beer (numbering in the hundreds if we’re talking about cans) to feed a small army.

View the whole lineup at West Marine – $400 to $1,000 [via]

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JAG Grills

More than just a grate with fire under it, the JAG is a grill, fire pit and table all in one. When used as a grill, JAG’s octagonal shape lets eight simultaneously cook whatever they please on their own individual grill, arranged around a center fire grate. Just like a conventional grill, the grates are removable for easy cleaning. And when you’re finished eating, everyone can relax around the central fire pit. Or, if you need less table and more grill, JAG can do that too: its hardwood table inserts quickly come off for standing while grilling, for getting closer to the fire on cold nights, and for storage. An easy access door in the center allows for adding fuel to the fire, and another below the pit allows for easy ash cleanout. JAG’s sturdy solid steel construction and 7-foot diameter area equal 350 lbs of fun with family, friends, and too much food.

Read more at JAG Grill (and get $100 off with discount code GEARHUNGRY) – $2,500+

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Bison Rolling Grill

Portable grills don’t offer much space to cook, and big grills are, well, big, and annoyingly bulky to move around. The Bison Rolling Grill tries to find a solid middle ground, packing down tiny while also offering 116 square inches of cooking surface. It works thanks to a unique chain-like surface that unrolls and that’s stabilized by two grill guards and four stake stands that optionally plant firmly into the ground if you need a stand to raise the surface. All parts are made of aluminum with a non-stick Teflon coat, and the grill’s grates are hollow so they’re air-cooled as you cook, reducing burn marks on your grub. And despite the moving parts cleaning’s not really much trickier than a standard grate either, since it’s dishwasher safe so you’ll just need scrape off the bigger chunks.

Find it at Kickstarter – $50

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Cosmik Freeze-Dried Ice Cream

Freeze-dried ice cream as you know it is not the most appetizing snack, probably because it’s made of some rather cheap, low-quality ice cream. Cosmik Freeze-Dried Ice Cream is astronaut-worthy ice cream that’s just as convenient and portable but far more delicious considering it’s made of super-premium Brooklyn-made organic ice cream that’s freeze-dried for a day. The result tastes as good or better than when it was originally frozen, in part thanks to the addition of a touch of sea salt, and comes with you anywhere without worries of melting. Flavors include mint chocolate chip, Mexican chocolate chip, cookies and cream, and peanut butter chocolate chip.

Preorder at Cosmik – $6

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Trees Knees Coffee Maple Syrup

Coffee is a morning drink. Maple syrup is a morning… condiment topping syrup. In a moment of epiphany Bushwick Kitchen combined the two in Trees Knees Coffee Maple Syrup. Each 13.5 oz bottle contains organic Grade A maple syrup from the Catskill Mountains that’s infused with Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ Hair Bender Blend, imbuing it with notes of toffee, fudge, and dark chocolate. Perfect for enjoying some waffles/flapjacks, as an ice cream topping, or just pouring into your coffee as a sweetener.

Learn more at Bushwick Kitchen – $14 [via]

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