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Food & Drink

Bacon Express Bacon Grill

If making bacon wasn’t a bit of a mess we’d probably eat even more of it, which is to say too much. Feel similarly? Then steer clear of the Bacon Express Bacon Grill. While it’s really only good for one thing, that thing is cooking bacon to a perfect crispiness, which more than offsets the sacrificed counter space. Open the two doors and load it up with regular or thick-sliced bacon, then adjust the dial and close the doors back up. Its vertical cooking surface won’t trap grease and fry the bacon in its own fat like pan frying does, instead draining it with the help of gravity in a slide-out drip tray so you can feel slightly less guilty — and compensate by eating more.

Find it at Amazon – $40

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Adamantini Indestructible Martini Glass

Chances are slim that whatever martini glass you’re currently sipping from starts as a 25 pound block of 303 stainless steel. The Adamantini Indestructible Martini Glass does and that’s just the reason it’s basically unbreakable, even if you tend to clink glasses real hard. Milled down and hollowed each Adamantini still weighs just over a pound and holds 8 ounces of your preferred cocktail. Since it’s bottom-heavy a relatively small base stabilizes the glass — and your drink.

Find it at Wolfram Manufacturing – $200

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JUISIR Cold Press Juicer

Juicing is great. The cleaning of the machine that inevitably follows isn’t. JUISIR follows in the footsteps of the uber-convenient Juicero in making juicing close to effortless, albeit with reusable juicing bags (or single use, if you’re lazy) to fill with your own fruits and/or vegetables instead of purchasing proprietary (and pricy) juicing packs from the company. To use it, you’ll need to chop up some fruits and vegetables into dollar coin-sized pieces and load the bag up with about 0.8lbs of the stuff. Then, insert the bag into the slot on top and press the machine’s only (and very prominent) button to put it to work exerting about 8 tonnes of pressure on the bag’s contents. Out comes about a cup of juice over the next 90 seconds, and since no parts of the machine come in contact with the bag’s contents other than the bag itself there’s nothing else to clean.

Hit up Kickstarter for details – roughly $450

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Jack Daniel’s Coffee

It won’t get you tipsy but Jack Daniel’s Coffee will get you up and at ’em in the morning with a hint of whiskey taste. This blend of medium-roasted Arabica gourmet coffee goes through an infusion process with actual Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. While no alcohol actually reaches your mug after brewing (none was left in the beans, anyway, though nothing’s stopping you from spiking the coffee itself with a bit of Jack) the whiskey’s notes of vanilla and caramel come through in every sip. Also available in a decaffeinated version as well as smaller 1.5 ounce sample sizes ($7).

Learn more at Jack Daniel’s Coffee or grab a can here – $22

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Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chalupa

Whether or not you can (or, more accurately, should) eat Taco Bell is probably dictated by the sensitivity of your gastrointestinal tract. That said, the Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chalupa is probably worth the risk. Arriving nationwide on January 26th, this Chalupa subs out the bread shell for one that’s instead made of four ounces of fried chicken chicken. Inside it’s packed with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheddar, and avocado ranch sauce, but none of that is really relevant anyway because of its shell.

Learn more at Taco Bell – $3

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Girl Scout S’mores

It’s the 100th year anniversary of Girl Scouts selling cookies (they’ve been around a few years more but didn’t think of selling until a little while later). To celebrate they’re offering two new S’mores varieties, but we’ll skip right to and focus on the good one in the above image. These S’mores feature various designs and combine two graham crackers with chocolate and of course marshmallows. You won’t need a campfire to enjoy them but they’ll probably be more melty and gooey by applying a bit of heat and ingenuity. So pray that your local Girl Scout troop stocks the above — though worst case the other S’mores option, which is basically a graham crackle double dipped in icing and coated in chocolate, still looks pretty delicious.

Learn more at Girl Scouts – $4

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Whiskey & Brandy Barrel Aged Teas

Steven Smith knows tea. Many of Smith Teamaker’s flavors aren’t like anything you’ll find elsewhere. That said, their Whiskey & Brandy Barrel Aged Teas take this to another level. Their No. 302 Yaupon Brandy is made using Yaupon leaves from Texas scented in apple brandy barrels from Stone Barn Brandyworks to impart the tea with complexities found in the spirit. The No. 628 Wuyi Whiskey tea, on the other hand, uses Westward Whiskey barrels to imbue the full leaf Zhen Shan Xiao Zhong smoked black tea with hints of oak, caramel, and whiskey. Both include 2 ounces of tea and come in hand-numbered black boxes that’ll be empty before you know it.

Find it at Smith Tea – $40 [via]

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Snask & PangPang Shower Beer

They’re certainly not the first to come up with the idea of drinking in the shower, but Snask & PangPang’s collaborative Shower Beer is the first such drink specifically conceived for enjoyment during this private time. It’s of the pale ale variety, sweet and strong, and comes in a 18 cl bottle (about 6 ounces) that goes down in just a few sips — likely before any shower water dilutes the stuff. Perfect before hitting the hay all squeaky clean or of course to get the evening off on the right foot, especially since its alcohol content is a solid 10%.

Learn more at Behance – $TBA


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Nostalgia Electric Drink Infuser & Dispenser

Its job is nothing complex: just slosh some liquid and fruits/herbs/spices around, then dispense the resulting drink via a spout. Still, the Nostalgia Electric Drink Infuser & Dispenser does the above on a large scale with its three stackable one-gallon reservoirs that can make one drink each and that boast a slow-rotating paddle to stir the ingredients up and hasten the infusion process. Serve your drinks stacked on the stainless steel base or remove and cover each reservoir individually with the three included covers. It’s also got filtered infusion chambers for keeping certain ingredients from ending up in drinks and LEDs in the base to light up the stack during late-night parties.

Grab one at Amazon – $70 [via]

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Isle of Harris Gin

When you think of the Scottish Isles and libations, gin doesn’t necessarily come to mind. Harris Distillery’s Isle of Harris Gin is changing that. Just as the peaty nuance of a fine single malt can transport the imbiber to a seaside in the North Atlantic, so too can the gin distilled to reward the drinker with maritime pleasures. Isle of Harris utilizes hand-harvested sugar kelp to marry the sea to eight other carefully chosen botanicals. Juniper (of course), pine needles, fresh citrus, lime and grapefruit flesh out a complex floral note of rose and wallflowers with crushed green herbs, coriander and gooseberry all balanced on a mixed spice foundation. To the average drinker, that means a gin with a good balance between the bitter juniper and sweet citrus flavors… distinctive and smooth with a dry flinty taste. The finish is long with sweet vanilla and black pepper remaining on the palate as a gentle reminder of the sea. Though getting your hands on some may be tricky.

Find it at Isle of Harris – roughly $43

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Brookstone Grill Tumbler

The champion of charcoal or baron of BBQ has a new weapon in his arsenal to achieve the perfect grill. Brookstone’s Grill Tumbler is an easy way to evenly cook meats and veggies without the need for tongs or spatulas. The Grill Tumbler not only makes for even cooking, it comes with a tray that ensures all pieces are equally marinated and a non-stick coating to make cleanup a breeze. The design makes turning your food as easy as rolling the Tumbler across your grill, and the silicone handles keep the basket closed and protect your hands against the heat. There’s even a tray lid to keep odors contained while your food marinates in the fridge.

Find it at Brookstone – $50

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Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle

Fellow’s original Stagg Pour-Over Kettle had a precise thermometer up top so you’d know when its water was at the right temperature. The Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle, on the other hand, takes care of for you thanks to a base that heats it up to exactly the temperature you’ve set. This is accomplished through the use of an intuitive twist dial on the right side that then pushes down to activate, showing the selected temperature — anywhere from 135°F to 212°F — on the inverse LCD to the right. Once the desired temperature is attained the EKG either goes to sleep or holds for 30 minutes, this choice dictated by the only other physical input on the device: a toggle on the back. Each of course includes the kettle, with a precision pour spout and a counterbalanced handle for a more stable hold. And it’s also available in a EKG+ model that’s got all of the same features but that’s powered by Acaia and includes Bluetooth for full controls from the Brewbar app and for connectivity to Acaia’s scales and the Baratza Sette 270W grinder to produce (and reproduce) precise brew recipes with ease.

Find it at Kickstarter – $105+

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Fizzics Waytap Draft Beer Dispenser

Draft beer isn’t impossible to pour at home, it’s just that typical systems are more complex and expensive than the average beer lover would like. Now there’s another, simpler option with the Fizzics Waytap Draft Beer Dispenser, which recreates the taste and texture of draft beer without taking up much space or pulling beer from a keg. Instead, the tap fits over a standard/tall can or a bottle of beer and pours at the pull of its lever. When the handle is pushed to the closed position to finish the pour the Waytab converts the exiting brew’s natural carbonation into perfect foam by using sound waves instead of nitrogen canisters. It works with all types of beers and runs on four AA batteries so it’s portable, too.

Grab one at Amazon – $130

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