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Food & Drink

Kentucky Bourbon Grilling Honey

Combining American apiary-sourced pure honey with authentic Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, RogersMade’s Kentucky Bourbon Grilling Honey will have your mouth watering in anticipation of warmer, more grilling-appropriate weather. Brush some on pork, fish, or beef before throwing them on the grill to imbue the meats with a rich, smoky, and oaky sweetness. Or in the interim try it as part of a salad dressing or as a glaze or finish on oven-cooked meats while holding out for spring.

Learn more at Rogers Made – $14 [via]

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Technivorm Moccamaster

Manual methods are coveted for making the best coffee, but auto-drip has its perks, especially when brewed up by a Technivorm Moccamaster KBG 741 coffee machine. Fill its clear reservoir with water, pop in a Type 4 paper filter and some grounds on top, then set it to work. It’ll brew up a carafe of 10 cups in six minutes and does so with obsessive temperature controls in place (with temps at a consistent 196 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit), a nine-hole spray arm to evenly soak and disperse the water over the grind, and a build made of entirely replaceable parts on the off chance something gives out. It’s also not half bad to look at and comes in over a dozen color options if plain brushed silver won’t do.

Pick one up at Amazon – $304+ [via]

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Sriracha Stix

Share our love of coating food with a thick layer of sriracha? Now you can season meats from the inside out right as they’re cooking with Sriracha Stix. The stix come in four flavors — classic Sriracha, butter garlic, teriyaki, and a not-yet-announced mystery blend — that stick into fish, poultry, or other meats before going into the oven, liquefying with heat and absorbing into the food to leave behind sriracha’s unmistakable flavor and potent spicy kick from the chili peppers. Can’t say we’re ready to give up portable sriracha just yet, but this may help. Or perhaps just worsen our addiction.

Learn more at Sriracha Stix – $TBA


Food & Drink

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake STRAW

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake STRAW stands for Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal. It’s also, you know, a straw, but a lot more thought went into this plastic drink-suctioning gizmo than meets the eye. Of course the Chocolate Shamrock Shake itself is a particular type of beast what with its dual-layers of chocolate and mint, so McDonald’s entrusted two aerospace engineering firms to the task. The resulting STRAW’s unique J-shape and four holes (three in the walls of the straw and the last at the tail end) at different positions suck an approximate 50/50 ratio of chocolate and mint without having to move between the two layers as you would a normal straw. And when shake levels drop below the higher-placed holes on the J the bottom hole (at U’s apex) continues to operate admirably to deliver the drink to your mouth, though perhaps not quite as well at this point as a conventional straw. Though they’re very limited in release, so visit this McDonald’s page to find a restaurant stocking it.

Read McDonald’s press release for details – $0 with a Chocolate Shamrock Shake.


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Kruve Coffee Grind Sifter

Obsessed with the consistency of your grinds? You’ll likely appreciate the Kruve Coffee Grind Sifter. Kruve doesn’t replace your existing coffee grinder: instead, once the beans are done grinding, pour them into Kruve, close its lid, and shake gently side to side. The first sieve in the triangular device traps boulders (large particles) while the second, finer sieve lets through fines (powder-like particles) — both which otherwise adversely affect the taste of your brew — leaving behind a middle layer of perfectly consistent grinds. Interchangeable sieves come in twelve sizes, from 200μm to 1100μm, in 50 to 100μm intervals, so your grinds can be as perfect as you like. Boulders can always be re-ground the next time while fines can be composted or used in cooking.

Find it at Kruve – $50+

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Zume Robotic Mobile Pizzeria

One Silicon Valley startup — CafeX — is bringing you robot-brewed coffee. The Zume Robotic Mobile Pizzeria aims to do something similar with pizza. Instead of baking your pizza at a fixed location and commissioning a driver to bring it to you, Zume plans on finalizing the baking en route and just four minutes out from your house, guaranteeing that a fresh and crispy pie arrives at your doorstep. While there’s still a lot of human help in baking their pizzas, an ABB-designed robot arm loads the pizza into the oven and an automated slicer takes care of cutting eight perfectly even slices. Give it ten more years plus self-driving cars and Zume might go completely human-less, though there are no official plans for that just yet.

Learn more at Zume Pizza – $TBA [via]


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Hurom Giugiaro Design Slow Juicers

Giugiaro Design is best known for designing Italian supercars, amongst others. So it’s no surprise that Hurom’s Giugiaro Design Slow Juicers boast curves just as likely to be found on a Ferrari or Maserati. The two models — the H-AE and H-AF, which appear to be identical in every way except visual design — are a step above Hurom’s other products, with a slow spinning, quiet-running 43 rpm juicer that mimics hand squeezing, taste and pulp control that lets you decide how much pulp makes it to your juice, and relatively easy cleanup made easier by an inner spinning brush that rotates during juicing to keep both the chamber and strainer clean and clog-free. Each model comes in one color and features a distinct power button reminiscent of those found in luxury vehicles.

Learn more at Hurom – $700

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Uuni Pro Outdoor Oven

Like the original the portable Uuni Pro Outdoor Oven lets one make pizzas and other oven-baked foods quickly just about anywhere. But the Pro isn’t just restricted to burning wood, running on that or pellets, charcoal, or gas (with an optional gas burner add-on), all while offering twice the cooking surface of the 2S. The added space makes this Uuni big enough for a 16-inch pizza or large loafs of bread as well as giant slabs of meat, fish, or trays of vegetables, and since it can reach temperatures as high as 900˚F in about 15 minutes it can cook very quickly (a pizza takes just 90 seconds so chain them to feed larger gatherings). Each also includes a Pizza Door that’s got an opening big enough to slide pizza in and out and that’s completely removable for cooking up the other, thicker aforementioned foods.

Find it at Kickstarter – $500

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Colonna Compostable Coffee Pods

Brewing a coffee with a Nespresso machine is quick and convenient, but we can’t help but feel a little guilty every time we down an espresso shot after adding another pod to the trash. Colonna’s Compostable Coffee Pods ease feelings of wrongdoing by turning, as their name suggests, into compost in your home’s composter after use, sparing landfills. The coffee inside is a step above Nespresso’s offerings as well, with single-origin coffee from the Mi Bendicion farm in Honduras for now and more to come.

Learn more at Colonna – roughly $30 for 40 pods

GET IT: ~$30

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Complements Modular Chocolate

Your food is shaped the way nature intended. Or the way you sliced, baked, or pried it. Complements Modular Chocolate on the other hand is made from 3D printed molds to the approximate shape of a tiny staircase, letting you stack these treats in various combinations to meld colors and flavors. Created in a collaboration between design studio Universal Favourite and chocolatier Bakedown Cakery, flavors include single origin dark and cookies & cream as well as more exploratory options like blackcurrant, fairy floss, shortbread, watermelon, and matcha. Hopefully available for purchase sooner rather than later, though right now your best shot at nabbing a box is to enter their giveaway and be a resident of Australia.

Read more at Complements – $TBA


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W&P Design Clear Ice Mold

It foregoes quantity for quality, making only one cube of ice at a time. The single cube coming out of W&P Design’s Clear Ice Mold, though, is nearly crystal clear, made possible by a slow, top-down freezing process controlled by the mold’s insulated sleeve. Less air pockets also means a slightly slower melting rate, diluting your drink less than traditional ice so you can really nurse it, should you choose to.

Find it at W&P Design – $35

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Yeti Hopper Two Soft Cooler

They doesn’t come cheap, but if you need a cooler to keep your drinks very cold, very long —and one that’s way smaller and lighter than the competition — look no further than the Yeti Hopper Two Soft Cooler. These rugged soft-sided coolers bring improvements to the original Hopper, with a sleeker body for more comfortable hauling, a wider opening that improves access to the drinks or grub within, and ameliorated ColdCell insulation that outperforms the already impressive original. It’s still completely leakproof thanks to a beefy HydroLok zipper and just as durable. Available in three sizes.

Learn more at Yeti – $300

GET IT: $400


Brux Pour-Over Coffee System

Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it won’t brew great coffee. The Brux Pour-Over Coffee System doubles as both the vessel and brewer, with a vacuum-insulated mug as its base that contains a retractible brew cone for portability. To brew, pull up the brew cone, add a filter plus ground coffee, pour over some boiling water, then remove the cone and drink — all in all no different in function than a traditional pour-over system but significantly more convenient. Also included is a cap for a grand total of three parts. And since there’s no glass it’s the perfect coffee-brewing companion for bringing to the beach or to camping, not to mention a practical way to dodge the inexpertly brewed drip coffee at work.

Find it at Boco Living – $70

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