Framed Tweets

When will our collective obsessions with Twitter — and the things said on the platform —end? Nobody knows, and Framed Tweets shows that it’s not subsiding. This company literally does what it says, printing Tweets on high quality matte archival paper and framing them in ornate golden frames. Their collection includes notable brand fails, a variety of tweets from celebrities like Kanye and Jaden (the latter who also has a category dedicated just to him), and of course handfuls from the POTUS himself. Or if you’ve got a better idea than those they’ve curated feel free to order a custom Framed Tweet at no extra charge just by pasting in the URL.

Learn more at Framed Tweets – $49

GET IT: $49


Bricks Bookcase

Designer Gerard De Hoop’s Bricks Bookcase is a touch more airy than its more traditional hardwood counterparts. This free-standing metal bookcase is made of 8mm wide bar steel that’s powder coated black, taking a cubic form, with slots for books big and small, that looks as good whether you’ve filled it with ten books or fifty. And since its contents are just as accessible from either side of the bookcase it also works particularly well as an unobtrusive room divider.

Learn more at Gerard De Hoop – $1,600 [via]

GET IT: ~$1,600


Absolut Hangsmart

Hanging prints is often an incredibly frustrating experience, from predicting where exactly the frame will end up when a nail is placed somewhere to repeatedly having to level after the fact. The Absolut Hangsmart — a venture spawned by that Absolut — makes hanging art much more user-friendly. There’s no need for nails (they’re optional), measuring tapes, spirit levels, or any other tools really: just stick it to a wall by hand to some degree of straight-ish and then hang your frame onto it by pulling down until it clicks in. Then, the device lets you move the frame up, down, and side to side to get the perfect position, and even auto-levels when you let go. Which altogether makes setting up and aligning a mosaic of prints way more pleasure than nightmare.

Find it at Kickstarter – $24

GET IT: $24


Beer Cap Maps USA Puzzle Map

Are Beer Cap Maps’ standard offerings, at up to 3 feet wide and holding up to 177 beer caps, still not big enough for you? Then the Beer Cap Maps USA Puzzle Map should tickle your fancy. This set is made up of 48 pieces that ship in either individual regions totalling six, so you can get started with a smaller segment of the USA, or as a single set that includes all state pieces. It’s enormous at 8 feet wide and holds a staggering 979 beer caps… so better get to work polishing off brews, maybe even with a little help.

Find it at Beer Cap Maps – $200

GET IT: $200


Joto Drawing Robot

It’s not written by hand, nor is it a static print. The Joto Drawing Robot is instead a sort of whiteboard that you’ll never need to update by hand since an integrated two-axis mechanical arm is glad to handle that for you. Telling it what to draw is accomplished with a computer or mobile device, which lets you type it out, trace it by hand with your finger or a stylus, or put up illustrations, either your own or others’. Then Joto gets busy, cleaning the board with its replaceable eraser and drawing again with its flush-fitting custom dry-erase pen. It’s also got a variety of practical uses only limited by your imagination including functioning as a to-do list or for reminders, doubling as a calendar, or as a sign in your small business.

Find it at Kickstarter – roughly $200

GET IT: ~$200


Sobro Coffee Table Cooler

From the makers of PancakeBot comes a creation that’s just as inventive: the Sobro Coffee Table Cooler. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a tempered glass-topped coffee table with a refrigerated drawer. This completely eliminates the need to get up to grab another brew or soda or brick of cheese while watching your programs — handy, considering Netflix doesn’t have commercials. Otherwise features include integrated Bluetooth speakers, two USB charge ports to keep your tablets and phones fuelled up, underside LED mood lights, and touch controls integrated right into the glass up top to control it all.

Find it at Indiegogo – $500

GET IT: $500


Anodized Aluminum Engraved Blueprint Art

The name is particularly self explanatory but it’s worth delving into a bit of detail nonetheless. Anodized Aluminum Engraved Blueprint Art puts highly detailed blueprints, drawn digitally and perfected by the company’s two owners, onto large plates of anodized 5251 aluminum by way of a laser engraver. The aluminum sheet come in your choice of three colors including black (shown), blue, and red, and they give you a carte blanche to pick the model, make and year of the automobile, plane, ship, helicopter, or firearm you’d like on yours. If you’re so inclined they’ll even include custom tidbits of information alongside the art, like a particular VIN number or other miscellaneous specs, making these truly custom pieces of wall art worth of a highly prominently spot on your walls.

Find it at Engraved Blueprint Art – $235 [via]

GET IT: $235


Pantone Christmas Ornaments

Gaudy holiday decorations not doing it for you? Pantone Christmas Ornaments by Italian designer Seletti puts the brand’s unique colors on a classic ball ornament, the top half dipped in color — with a matching hook and cap — and the bottom half white, bearing Pantone’s logo as well as the color’s number in case you’d like to buy a can or two of the matching paint. Each handmade glass ball is about 3-inches in diameter and work as well on a tree as in a large bowl.

Grab one at Amazon – $16+ [via]

GET IT: $16+


Hoerboard Com.Four DJ Table

Hoerboard’s Com.Four is about as minimal as DJ Table’s come. The retro-styled piece of furniture combines an upper surface that integrates flush-fitting DJ equipment (not included) with three compartments good for storing a solid vinyl collection of about 350 records. Its inserts can be swapped out with one that accommodates CD players instead, and other accessories can be added to the Com.Four including a sleek laptop clip and chrome speaker stands to make more room for your sound system. Comes in either Night Black or Traffic White.

Find it at Hoerboard – roughly $1,975

GET IT: ~$1,975


Aura Smart Picture Frame

Cameras are attached to everything and just about everybody is snap-happy. This results in a deluge of digital photos, the most of which you’ll likely never print and nor revisit. And that’s exactly what the Aura Smart Picture Frame addresses. You won’t ever need to physically load it with photos: Aura instead pulls them from a photo album that you’ve synced with its app, updating automatically and curating photos by filtering out duplicates and the like to show your best work (it needs to be said that nudity detection blocks potentially embarrassing photos from ever being displayed). It’s otherwise got an ultra-high density 2048×1536 display, auto-dimming, and no buttons to speak of — skipping to the next photo takes just a wave of your hand.

Find it at Amazon – $400

GET IT: $400


Disintegrating Part II

Fabian Oefner’s three Disintegrating Car Prints made quite a splash for its originality back in 2013. He’s back with five more cars, exploded as with the first series, with Disintegrating Part II. And no, they’re not computer-generated: each image was instead created over a painstaking two month period by photographing individual components, piece by piece, at specific angles to imaginatively represent what the car’s insides would look like caught on camera should beautifully explode out. Automobiles in the second series include, in order in our slider, a 1982 Porsche 956, a 1936 Auto Union Type C, a Ford GT40 from 1969, a Bugatti 57 SC, and a 1957 Maserati 250F, available in limited edition prints at 55″ by 27.5″ or 90.5″ by 45.25″ starting at the price listed below. Or you can download the high res images here, which make great desktop backgrounds.

Learn more at Mad Gallery – roughly $3,850+ [via]

GET IT: ~$3,850+


Electric Objects EO1

It’s not as static as a print, nor is it as overly bright and glossy as a modern television screen. Instead, the Electric Objects EO1 is perfectly suited to displaying art — and lots of it. The EO1 boasts a unique matte display with a viewing angle of about 179°, showing off images and GIFs (either your own, or found via Electric Objects’ Art Club) set using a matching iOS or Android app at a 1080×1920 resolution. It’s got no speakers, audio output, or even buttons really, other than a single on switch, meaning a viewer can’t switch the art displayed any quicker than one could switch a framed painting — or at least not without the controlling smartphone. And since it only uses 35 watts of power while running (or about as much as a standard lightbulb) and boasts programmable sleep schedules to save energy when it wouldn’t be seen, for instance at night, operating one is cheap as well.

Learn more at Electric Objects – $300 (or $270, with 10% off using code gearhungry)


100 Essential Novels Scratch-Off Chart

Got a good book list ready for the rest of the summer? If not, this one’s more likely to last you through to the fall, and maybe a couple more years after that. You’ll want to leave Pop Chart Lab’s 100 Essential Novels Scratch-Off Chart in a glass-less frame, though, for full access to its scratchable gold foil partially covering the covers of the hundred classics included in the print. The books span 1605 to today and each hides a narrative-specific design element to be revealed when scratched. So get to it, those books aren’t going to read themselves.

Grab one at Pop Chart Lab – $35