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Bartender Defender

Tops Knives’ Bartender Defender is a bit of survival kit with a unique twist, mainly designed for survival situations that involve opening tightly sealed bottles of beer to stave off death by dehydration. The mini knife couples a 0.38-inch 1095 high carbon steel blade to a bottle opener sitting at its base. Its contoured skeletonized handle and black traction coating help with its street cred, as does the included kydex sheath that lets you wear it around your neck.

Find it at Amazon or Tops Knives – $65

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Bottle Opener

Opener Coaster

For when you’re about to enjoy a cold one but no bottle openers are in sight, there’s Opener Coaster. This rugged, machined aircraft-grade aluminum coaster is first and foremost nigh indestructible and shields your delicate wooden tables from drink sweat and probably also bullets. Flip it around and integrated into its cork bottom are four drink-opening tools to guarantee you’ll never go thirsty: a can tab pry bar, metal and plastic twist off wrenches, and a standard bottle opener. It comes in two versions — a sleeker, smaller Modern and a military-inspired MK-1 (shown) — in a handful or so of stone washed, anodized colors.

Find it at Kickstarter – $25+

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Bottle Opener

Leverage Bottle Opener

Wall-mounted bottle openers have been around for nearly as long as the pop-top bottle. The Leverage Bottle Opener, though, is somewhat nicer looking than its cast iron brethren. It’s designed as an angular wire frame and is lost wax cast of solid brass, with a sealant finish that minimizes discoloration with time to keep cracking open beers and sodas for what basically amounts to eternity. Mount it to your kitchen or workshop wall using the two included drywall plugs and matching screws, ideally over a bin for catching caps. Also available as a handheld bottle opener (see second image) that’s just as efficient, only more portable.

Find it at Kickstarter – $30 to $65

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Bottle Opener

G-Clamp Bottle Opener

It looks like serious business… until you notice the indentation in its side. Suck UK’s G-Clamp Bottle Opener is otherwise a traditional cast-iron G-clamp that’ll prove useful for woodworking or repairs, and that’s also handy afterwards when you just want to get into a cold one. Clamp it to your workshop bench or, if you don’t have one, kitchen counter or garden table so as to keep it within arm’s reach.

Grab one at Suck UK – $12 [via]

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Bottle Opener

T-Rex Bottle Opener

If a T-Rex can tear the top off of a Land Cruiser the flimsy bottle cap atop your beer or soda shouldn’t be much of an obstacle for the T-Rex Bottle Opener. This cast-iron dinosaur is larger than it looks at just over 10 inches in length and cracks open caps with its teeth. Just don’t knock it off balance (and off your kitchen counter) or the hefty dino — at two pounds — will leave a dent in your floor.

Learn more at Cool Material – $40

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BOB Multi Opener

More than just adorned with a clean design, Nicholai Wigg Hansen’s BOB Multi Opener tackles various opening jobs. It’ll of course crack open standard bottle caps on beer and soda but also works for ring pulls, vacuumed lids, screw tops, and standard beverage cans, sparing your nails and/or skin. It’s made of robust solid aluminum and comes in a few colors, though you’ll have to work hard to get ahold of anything other than black, the only variant stocked by MoMA’s shop.

Grab one at MoMA – $25 [via]

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Survival Belt

It blends in on a pair of slacks or coupled to a suit. It’s when it comes off that Slide’s Survival Belt really shines. The buckle is not unlike a Swiss Army knife, revealing a bottle opener, titanium nitride coated AUS-8 stainless steel blade, and an LED flashlight. Both the nylon fiber unibody buckle and strap are durable, resisting water, frost, abrasion, and long exposure to UV light. And best of all, like all of Slides belts, there aren’t holes along the strap, granting a greater degree of adjustability thanks to their notch system which slides along and locks in wherever. Available in black, desert tan, olive drab, and brown.

Learn more at Slide Belts – $180

Bottle Opener

Tactica One Pro

Remember the Tactica One? If its high tech polymer didn’t quite tickle your fancy you’ll be glad to know that they’re back with the Tactica One Pro bottle opener. Though every curve and line is identical to the original, the Pro is instead made of stainless steel and finished with sandblasting in either raw or matte black. It’s four times heftier than the original’s 20 grams and pops open bottles just as cleanly.

Learn more at Tactica Gear – roughly $36


Beertop Delta

Having also designed the PiCO, Pangea Designs’ is no stranger to making bottle openers. Their latest, the Beertop Delta, is as much a top popper as it is a spinning top. Each is made of a CNC waterjet cut titanium triangular frame in a variety of colors that sits around a press-fit steel ball bearing and boasts three bottle openers around its sides. It’s small enough for keychain carry and interesting enough to spin about even when you’re not knocking back cold ones.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $50+

Bottle Opener

No. 30 Ganbei Bottle Opener

Thanks to its circular design No. 30’s Ganbei Bottle Opener can crack open bottles from any angle. And thanks to its stone-like texture and shape you’d never know it until picking one up. The hefty Ganbei — whose name translates to “cheers!” in both Japanese and Chinese — is built of a matte finished zinc alloy and fitted with a stainless steel ring on its underside that acts as a catch for bottle caps. Its heft also means that it’ll function nicely as a paper weight.

Learn more at Ode To Things – $65

Bottle OpenerSports & Outdoors

Fred & Friends Beer Gardener Trowel

It might be a little too early in the year to talk about gardening, but prepare nonetheless with Fred & Friends Beer Gardener Trowel. It’s designed to give you a little more incentive to get your hands dirty thanks to a built-in bottle opener at the base of the stainless steel trowel’s blade, cracking open cold ones in between planting without you needing to swap to a different tool. Drinking Hoegaarden while working on the garden is particularly on-point.

Grab one at Amazon – $20 [via]

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Like PuckOpener but for baseball diehards, Buffalo BottleCraft’s BaseballOpener is what it sounds like: a baseball with an integrated bottle opener. Each is made using a genuine leather baseball that’s first cut in half, partially cored, and bolted to a stainless steel opener plate that makes quick work of bottle caps. It’s magnetic so it’ll stick to your fridge and also uses the same magnets to catch the cap, keeping errant (and sharp) metal from dropping on your floors and sticking your foot.

Hit up Buffalo BottleCraft for details – $16

Bottle OpenerGadgets

Shark Jaw Bottle Opener

If you’re tired of opening your bottles with an opener that’s functional but not cool looking then the Shark Jaw Bottle Opener is for you. This heavy metal, gold finished cap ripper utilizes a shark tooth design to get you into your favorite beverage post haste. It’ll also spare your own teeth some pricy dental work. With Shark Jaw, you’re going to need a bigger boat.

Find it at Cool Material’s Shop – $10