The Periodic Table of Cocktails

The periodic table of elements organizes chemical elements by several properties. Emma Stokes’ The Periodic Table of Cocktails aims to do the same for cocktails. While organizing drinks isn’t as simple as counting protons and studying electron configurations the book’s table lays them out by one base alcohol per row and groups them close to other cocktails with similar flavor profiles. Meaning if you know you like one particular drink you’re likely to appreciate others in the table around it. If you prefer wine to cocktails try its companion volume instead, The Periodic Table of Wine.

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A Job To Love

Enjoying, or at least appreciating, your work in one way or another is often important for living a fulfilled life, especially considering the sheer number of hours dedicated to it on a weekly basis. Still, many are left unsatisfied, and without a tempting alternative to pursue. The School Of Life’s A Job To Love wants to help you figure it out. While a relatively short read at 189 pages, the book aims to teach you to understand yourself well enough to head in a particular direction (or accept that your current job is actually not so bad). It examines the reasons for our obsession with finding the perfect job, the obstacles that get in our way — including those created in our minds — and comes packed with guidance to identify the bits and pieces of working that you love. All with a dollop of realism in accepting that a single job may never quite be enough.

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Egg Shop: The Cookbook

The Egg Shop is New York’s answer to an all hours brunch and cocktails hangout. Egg Shop: The Cookbook is Chef, Egg Shop partner, and author Nick Korbee’s recipe opus to that establishment. Eggs are more than just super protein packed in a to-go shell: they’re the perfect compliment to New York’s wealth of local produce and artisanal meats, grains and cheeses. With the Egg Shop cookbook, you can experience the same culinary delights at home and avoid midtown traffic. Over 100 recipes cover egg-cooking techniques as well as instructions on incorporating eggs into health-conscious to decadent dishes using fresh ingredients. Nick shows the reader there’s more to eggs than poached, scrambled, or fried. Included are flavorful recipes like Eggs Caviar, Classic Eggs Benedict, Pop’s Double Stuffed, and even Egg Salad. Even the most savvy chef will come away knowing more about natures shelled marvel.

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Addictions are a dime a dozen in our modern societies. And increasingly we’ve become addicted and obsessed with content spawned from our technology — something we’re fairly confident that virtual reality won’t help. Adam Alter, a professor of psychology and marketing at NYU, penned Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked to take a deeper look into these addictions and the digital products that drive them. Subjects covered include video games like World of Warcraft, sites like Facebook and Netflix, and physical products with a window to the digital world (i.e. computers and smartphones in general), all products often willingly made increasingly addictive over time through refinement. He also offers tips on mitigating the harmful effects of these potential addictions while setting boundaries to avoid completely depriving ourselves and our children of these hard-to-avoid and often crucial technologies from the get-go.

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Art Record Covers

Most contemporary art is out the layperson’s reach, though own a few good vinyls and you’ve basically already got some in the form of record sleeves. Francesco Spampinato’s Art Record Covers makes a point to catalog and present some of the best covers and records from the past six odd decades, with nothing short of 500 covers to show for it. Alongside the imagery you’ll find fact sheets, interviews with the musicians, and of course the names of both the artist and the album. A taste of some of its notable contents include Warhol’s work for Velvet Underground, Banksy’s Blur graffiti, and Jeff Koons’ 2013 Lady Gaga cover. Considering the direction of record sales this book is, today, particularly relevant.

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DNA Bookcase

The cells in your body (as well as virtually ever other living thing) store their blueprints in a double helix. So stashing your books in its image was inevitable. The appeal of the slender, steel DNA Bookcase is more than just aesthetic since this free-standing bookcase begs to be set in the middle of a room or beside a cozy reading spot without having to be placed against a wall like most traditional units. With 13 shelves on each side it’ll hold a fair bit of books, though it looks best when completely filled so better put some time aside for reading.

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Recipes from the Woods

You mightn’t expect a book like Recipes from the Woods: The Book of Game and Forage from a chef like Jean-François Mallet, and while many the ingredients are more or less foreign to your kitchen the recipes are inspiring nonetheless, not to mention useful should you ever need to fend for yourself in the backcountry. The 100 included recipes are mainly based around foraged ingredients such as dandelion leaves, nettles, wild strawberries, mushrooms, snails, and a variety of game spanning feathered to furred. Accompanying each one are bold, mouth-watering photographs of the end result that’ll make you want to run out the door and gather ingredients — though you’ll need to brush up on your hunting skills to make the meat part happen. Perfect for cooking at the cottage, with the tartan pattern on the cover fitting right in.

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Where Bartenders Drink

First came Where Chefs Eat. Perhaps this made you wonder Where Bartenders Drink, which also (now) happens to be a thing. This 420 page hardcover includes secrets and suggestions from 300 notable drink-making experts around the globe, sharing where they go grab drinks when they’ve gotten off for the night. Not limited to one type in particular, their favorite venues range from local watering holes to hotel bars, and number at around 750 in total, so they likely won’t be in short supply regardless of your next trip destination. And the included maps only make finding these places easier.

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America the Ingenious

American ingenuity isn’t new. Kevin Baker’s America the Ingenious: How a Nation of Dreamers, Immigrants, and Tinkerers Changed the World delves into some of history’s most important inventions of the past century or so by way of short vignettes of a few pages each. The 320 page book covers the Golden Gate Bridge, the telephone, the electric motor (and its importance for the New York City subway), the Panama Canal, the electric guitar, and 71 more, on top of exploring and hypothesizing on as to what makes America so proficient when it comes to innovation. The essays are accompanied by illustrations and are easily digestible in big numbers, making it a perfect coffee table book — if you can resist powering through.

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National Geographic Infographics

National Geographic was first started in 1888. The world’s changed a lot over the ensuing 128 years, including the way we consume media, but one thing hasn’t: our ever-present desire to learn. And Taschen’s National Geographic Infographics contains some of the magazine’s best infographics over its 480 pages, spanning seven categories: Animal World, Being Human, History, Science and Technology, Space, The Planet, and World of Plants. Learn about Eastern Island statues, global warming, space exploration, the history of Hawaiian surfboarding, and of course much more with easily digestible bits of information accompanied by expertly devised imagery, one coffee at a time.

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Take off your rose-colored glasses and see the world for what it really is: an imperfect place. At least that’s what The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life author Mark Manson would have you do. And hell, probably it’s worth a shot if the other self help reads on your shelves haven’t left a dent. His book drives the philosophy that improving our own lives necessitates a better way to cope with adversity rather than trying to spin it positively. He also advises us to get to know and accept ourselves — and our limitations — better and to figure out what really matters to us, because life is short and we can only focus on so much.

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Pacific & West Refillable Notebooks

No need to ever tear pages out or archive your Pacific & West Refillable Notebooks once they’re full. Instead, add or remove pages freely thanks to their modular discbound system that holds paper in place using metal rings. Available in three sizes, the notebooks also feature handsome two ply walnut covers made of real wood and come with paper that’s either plain, ruled, or with a dot grid.

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Overview: A New Perspective of Earth

Few ever get to experience the overview effect, the feeling that comes from looking down on earth from up above. And if Google Earth isn’t cutting it grab a copy of Overview: A New Perspective of Earth, a tome inspired by the aforementioned phenomenon. This hardcover presents an extensive collection of landscapes shaped by humanity, captured from space in the form of high-resolution satellite photographs all around the planet. Terra-forming influences include architecture, agriculture, industrial, and many more, with each more beautiful and awe-inspiring than the last. Click through to the other images or sample Benjamin Grant’s Daily Overview Instagram account that started it all.

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