OLIVERS Convoy Tee

Advances in technology are trickling down into the clothing you rock everyday, not just the phone in your pocket or that smartwatch on your wrist. OLIVERS Apparel is harnessing such advances with its simple, smartly designed Convoy Tee, made out of 100 percent merino wool and built to wick sweat while fitting slim and comfortably. It’s built in the same vein as the brand’s 5-Pocket Pant or Base Henley — that is, well-crafted and versatile. Available in two neutral colors, the Convoy Tee would work for nearly any situation you can think of, from wearing under a slim blazer for a laidback-yet-cool day at the office, to traveling crosscountry. That includes spring and summer hikes and daily workouts, too. For the price, getting one tee that can do it all isn’t a bad deal.

Grab one at OLIVERS Apparel – $68


Apple Magic Accessories

While they’re all adorned with cleaner, [impossibly] more minimal designs, Apple’s latest Magic Accessories really set themselves apart from their predecessors thanks to reworked internals. All three boast built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that charge from flat to full in about two hours , eliminating the need for disposable batteries altogether while also resulting in a more compact and solidly built internal structure. The Magic Keyboard sports reengineered keys with a lower profile and a reworked scissor mechanisms that optimizes key travel and increases stability. Magic Mouse 2 features a Multi-Touch surface for scrolling and swiping your way through photos and the web. And the Magic Trackpad 2 now sports a 29% larger, click-anywhere surface as well as Multi-Touch and Force Touch for intuitively interacting with your computer in a variety of novel ways.

Learn more at Apple – $80 to $130


iPad Pro

Your iPad’s not providing enough display real estate? The iPad Pro should do the trick. With an expanded 12.9-inch, 2732 x 2048 display, the iPad Pro is the highest resolution portable device ever to come out of Apple’s labs and features a 64-bit A9X processor that’s nearly twice as performing as the iPad Air 2. Despite its massive display the Pro’s unibody enclosure is only 6.9 mm thin, with a weight to match of just 1.57 pounds. It’s also equipped with four speakers for powerful sound, lasts for ten hours on a charge, and works alongside two new accessories — the Smart Keyboard, a full sized water-resistant keyboard that doubles as a cover, and the Apple Pencil, a powerful stylus that inputs position, force, and tilt to the tablet to vary stroke strength and characteristic like a physical writing implement would. It’s also finally equipped with Touch ID, turning your fingerprint into a nigh impossible-to-crack password.

Read more at Apple – $800+


iPhone 6s

Apple’s iPhone 6s brings about quite a few upgrades over its predecessor, albeit few that are visible without first unlocking the phone with the now even faster Touch ID-equipped Home button. Both the 6s and 6s Plus feature a 70% quicker Apple A9 chip with M9 motion coprocessor, a 12-megapixel rear facing iSight camera that shoots 4K video, and a 5-megapixel FaceTime camera that uses the phone’s display as a flash. It’s also equipped with 3D Touch, a feature similar to the Apple Watch’s Force Touch that lets the screen sense how much pressure is applied to add a new dimension of functionality to the device — for instance, a light press lets you peek at an email, a link, an address, and more, without opening it and without having to leave the app you’re currently using. And, reassuringly, the 6s won’t bend thanks to the use of Series 7000 aluminum — now also available in rose gold — adding to its durability alongside the strongest cover glass used in any smartphone.

Learn more at Apple – $650+



Apple’s obsession with design occasionally leads to annoyances, such as too few USB ports on our MacBook Pros. Or having to always reach around an iMac to plug anything in. iMacompanion remedies the latter in the cleanest, least obstructive way imaginable. This anodized aluminum hub matches your iMac and boasts a single USB 3.0 port, with a paper-thin cable passing underneath the stand undetected. It also works with all iMacs from 2004 until today and installs in seconds using adhesive tape.

Check it out at BiteMyApple – $30


DODOcase Apple Watch Charging Stand

Yes, we know – Apple Watch isn’t even up for preorder yet let alone close to release. But you’ll still need a place for it to rest at night when it isn’t glued to your wrist, so pony up a small deposit now for this elegant wood charging stand from Dodocase. Made from reclaimed California Orchard Walnut and American tanned leather, it sports a magnetic inductive charger housing that’s fed a not included Apple charging cable via a special carved channel to keep things nice and neat. A built-in suction cup adhesive on the bottom keeps it well grounded, ensuring your watch investment rests securely until you’re ready for a new day of pounding the pavement.

Find it at DODOcase – $TBA


iPad Air

Apple’s full-sized iPad wasn’t exactly cumbersome or heavy to begin with, but we’ll welcome a slimmed waistline and reduced weight any day. The aptly named iPad Air features a 7.5mm thin unibody design, weight of just 1 pound – down from 1.33 – plus a pared down, modernized frame, coupled to updated internals including a 64-bit A7 processor, M7 coprocessor, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, and twice-as-fast WiFi thanks to MIMO technology (Multiple-In-Multiple-Out). It also maintains the same 10 hours of battery life managed by its predecessor and comes in Silver and Space Gray flavors with up to 128GB of storage.

Read more at Apple or Amazon – $500+


Luna Concrete Skin for iPhone 5

Concrete’s the stuff of nightmares for polished tech devices: unintended contact can scratch, chip and dent your gadgets six ways to Sunday. But if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, and slap a Luna Concrete Skin onto the back of your iPhone. Made from real concrete, Luna is thin, flexible, and features unique, pseudo-random craters and texture that evoke the moon’s surface. And anyway, we needed a break from those now-overdone wooden skins.

Learn more at Posh Project (Korean page) – $TBA


Truffol iPhone 5 Cases

Looking for a smartphone case that’s less plastic and more fine luxury? You’ve just found it. Truffol’s new line of iPhone cases merge precision-milled brushed stainless steel with fine Italian leather, and even a 16-karat rose gold ion plated brass lock button on the Black series. Moreover, they install in a snap, are available in a variety of color combinations, and add just a hair of thickness (0.9-millimeters) while giving your device a more rectangular shape.

Read more at Truffol – $60 to 75


C.24 Music Keyboard for iPad

Choosing between an on-screen musical keyboard and a tactile one is an easy decision, and one that’s made even easier with Miselu’s C.24 Music Keyboard. This two-octave wireless device transforms from a magnetic protective cover into a musical keyboard at the flip of a switch, with keys that pop up to replicate the look and feel of a standard piano. The keyboard works by employing an infrared emitter that tracks key presses to provides real time position data, and simulates a semi-weighted key feel by using anti-polarity magnets underneath each one. Else, C.24 features two capacitive strips – one for quickly changing octave and the other for analog expression (such as pitch bend), each with 32 LEDs for feedback – a hardware expansion module, compatibility with CoreMIDI-supported apps, a groove for supporting an iPad, and Bluetooth Low-Energy connectivity.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $100



Apple’s obsession with thin-as-a-dime devices is a good thing in our books – most of the time, anyhow. One consequence of their new thinner MagSafe 2 charge cable is that it’s a little easier to accidentally disconnect when working on irregular surfaces like beds, beanbags or messy desks, and that’s where Snuglet comes in. This diminutive, gold-plated stainless steel ring fits inside the MagSafe 2 connector on your MacBook Air or Retina MacBook Pro, greatly boosting magnetic attraction of the connector and the port to prevent accidental disconnects. The MagSafe 2 is left to do its job, i.e. easily rip out if tripped on or pulled, while Snuglet lives within your connector until removed – if ever – using the included tool.

Get it on Amazon – $13 for a two-pack


Review: AL13 iPhone Bumper

Covering your iPhone’s sleek industrial lines with unseemly cases is borderline blasphemous, but unfortunately the device’s vulnerability to scratches, dings, and shattered glass forces our hand. We’re not about to wrap our device in one of Apple’s minimal but flimsy plastic bumpers either, and fortunately other options exist, notably designed by m’s enticing AL13 Aluminum iPhone Bumper. We put one through the wringer over the last 50 days to see how it would hold up against everyday abuse, so click on through to read our full impressions.



iOS 7

The first total iOS rework since the iPhone’s original release, iOS 7 design is more than a little polarizing – but we’re for [most of] it. With skeumorphic designs out the window along with Forstall, iOS 7 puts a new simplified, flattened interface front and center, along with the use of frosted translucence to give a better sense of depth and perspective. Other notable changes include sliding in any direction to unlock, cleaner fonts, a much anticipated (albeit several years late) Control Center (with shortcuts to Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, Bluetooth, Flashlight, Brightness, iPod, and more), more organized Notifications Center, better multitasking with previews, sophisticated car dashboard integration (with select systems), iTunes radio, and much, much more.

Read more at Apple – $Free