Catalyst Fermentation System

Homebrewing your own beer from start to finish is an unwieldy process. Craft A Brew’s Catalyst Fermentation System doesn’t change the essential steps but does eliminate and simplify the ones that come after the actual brewing, including separating sediment after primary (and secondary, if applicable) fermentation, priming, and even bottling. It does this thanks to a 6.5 gallon crystal clear conical Tritan tank with a silicone gasket-sealed cap that sits atop a stand and boasts a 3-inch Trub Trap butterfly valve underneath. The Trub Trap is compatible with all wide mouth containers — think standard mason jar — letting you screw one on to ditch unwanted sediment that naturally falls to the bottom of the tank without contaminating your beer. Moreover a bottling attachment is also compatible with it, cutting out any need for siphoning to instead let gravity do its work. And after a batch is complete just shove the tank in the dishwasher and be done with it.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $175