Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch

Unlike most smart watches which shudder at the thought of roughing it, Casio’s WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch thrives in nature. Its enclosure — available in several colors from subtle black to bold orange — is water resistance to 50 meters as well as shock and drop resistant to MIL-STD-810G military standards. Powered by Android Wear, it boasts a dual-layer display structure that allows both its monochrome LCD and vivid color display to take turns sharing screen real estate in order to continuously display the time, power efficiently, while maintaining native compatibility with a variety of Android applications. It’s also equipped with all the functionality you’d expect and a bit more, measuring direction with its compass, altitude, atmospheric pressure, and displaying sunrise/sunset times as well as tides. Not to mention notifications and activity tracking features for quantifying your treks and runs. And don’t worry: the original Casio watch face designs let you customize your watch to display the measurements you value all while maintaining the brand’s signature rugged aesthetic.

Arriving in spring. Learn more at Casio – $500 (expected price)