Cardamon Wallet

It’s significantly thinner than leather, not to mention more durable. The Cardamon Wallet is a particularly solid option if you can’t stand Tyvek wallets despite thinness being a priority. Each one is made of a single sheet of aeronautical grade thermo-plastic urethane composite called MeridianShell that’s thermo-formed and welded into shape, foregoing the need for visible stitches. Despite it’s minimalistic design the Cardamon fits up to eight cards — four per side — as well as full-sized banknotes, making it front-pocket useable without compromising on your carry (or needing to fold bills four times like on smaller wallets). And it’s guaranteed to last forever, so if you somehow manage to wear it out just send it back to Cardamon for a replacement. Available in five colors — black, blue (shown), yellow, red, and brown.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $49