Canadiano Pour-Over Coffee Maker

You drink coffee. Lots of coffee. You speak coffee lingo and pride yourself on making the best cuppa joe with the finest of processing equipment. You need the Canadiano wood pour-over coffee filter. This ingenious design works similarly to other pour-over filters with one huge and taste shattering exception: you season and develop the Canadiano based on your preferences over time. Gravity still does the work of brewing the coffee through a removable metal filter, but unlike others the roasts you choose will imprint the wood with oils and add your distinct flavor profile over time. Wood choices include White Oak, Walnut, Birch or Cherry, each ideal for specific flavors – the two former are best for darker roasts, while the latter are for lighter, citrus- or nut-flavored coffees. Detailed instructions and recommendations accompany each Canadiano so you’ll be ready to start enjoying rich, flavorful coffee – at least, right after you’re done with seasoning it.

Hit up Canadiano or Amazon for deets – $50+