Can-Am Apache 360 Track System

An ATV’s big high-profile wheels make quick work of trails full of rocks, dirt, sand, even a bit of water. On snow or ice though they don’t fare much better than your car’s tires. The Can-Am Apache 360 Track System expands the off-season off-road capabilities of your Can-Am all-terrain vehicle — including recent Renegade and Outlander models — by adding four sets of treads that take the place of wheels. Since their rubber treads spin over molded wheels they’re not as rough a ride as you might think, and they give plenty of clearance to smoothly roll over rocks and other sizeable obstacles. Plus swapping between wheels and treads (and vice-versa) takes just 20 minutes, which is quicker than the speed at which the weather can change by a good margin. So you’ll never be caught off guard.

Find it at Can-Am – $3,800