CamelBak Relay

We have two main gripes with our Brita. First, it doesn’t hold enough water for our nigh-excessive H₂O consumption – a problem easily remedied by buying a bigger carafe, granted. But second, it filters the water way too slowly for our liking, occasionally bringing our frantic morning routines to a grinding halt. CamelBak’s entry into the household market solves both of these problems thanks to a 10-cup capacity and ultrafast filter. The double filter’s increased surface area sifts out heavy metals plus other pollutants as fast as your faucet can pour and lasts twice as long as most, or up to 4 months. It’s also dishwasher safe (meaning we might actually clean it, for once) and sports a spill-proof locking lid to all but eliminate those nasty surprise spills.

Grab one at Amazon – $37