Bugaboo Boxer Luggage

Building strollers is conducive to designing luggage systems, as Bugaboo’s Boxer Luggage demonstrates — and it’s just as feature packed as their premium baby carriers. A four-wheeled system makes the set easy to both pull like a traditional wheeled suitcase or push it in front of you for quick maneuvering, and its two large wheels fold in when the wide-grip handlebar is pushed all the way in (the smaller front wheels fold in and out in an equally clever, lever-powered way). The system is modular, allowing the chassis to work with both the black cabin case and the larger white travel case, and the two cases clip together to make running through a crowded airport a touch easier. Also included are a liner in the luggage that doubles as a daypack and a slim organizer to keep your laptop, passport, phone, and other gadgets within close reach.

Learn more at Bugaboo – $1,030 to $1,490