Budnitz No.1 Titanium

If Almira Gulch had owned the No. 1 bicycle, Toto would never have had the opportunity to escape. Fast, light and beautiful sum up this stylish urban road rocket. Effortlessly zip in and out of traffic with the short wheelbase and athletic handling while still enjoying the 1’s iconic curves. At just 3.5 lbs., the twin-tubed cantilever frame is designed to absorb road shock and provide ample stiffness for the ultimate in power and speed. Unlike traditional chain driven bikes, the carbon belt drive will last as long as you do and never get your pants dirty. With an optional internal transmission gear package providing for 14 speeds and 526% gear range, you’ll never be caught pushing your bike up hill, unless you want to walk slow enough so people can see your new ride.

Find it at Budnitz Bicycles – $4,800 (or $2,600 for steel) [via]