Budnitz Model E

Electric bicycles have a tendency to be overly heavy. The Budnitz Model E is the lightest yet, the first that can be configured to weigh in at under 30 pounds and likely also the simplest. While it doesn’t look very different than Budnitz’s other non-electric bicycles the model E features a compact electric rear hub and a clean Gates Carbon belt instead of a chain. With no shifters and no throttle, it functions just like a single speed, the difference being that the motor automatically assists you to make your ride far less sweaty by helping climb hills and maintain cruising speeds of up to 15 mph. It comes with a frame of either heavier steel or the aforementioned lightweight titanium alloy and also offers alternate drive modes, customizable via Bluetooth using your smartphone. Plus it’s got a 100 mile range, meaning you’re likely to tire out before your bike does.

Learn more at Budnitz – $3,950+