Brooks Cambium Saddle

Breaking in a leather saddle for the first time may seem compelling. The second time you do it it’s a pain in the ass, quite literally, even if the end result is worth it. Brooks England has been making the former for about a century and a half and won’t stop, but on the contrary their all-new Cambium Saddles are good to go right out of the box. Each is made of a vulcanized natural rubber complemented by an organic cotton top that bends and flows naturally as the rider’s legs move, improving both long distance comfort and pedalling control. This hard-wearing top is waterproofed with Numac and sits over a die-cast aluminum frame attached to steel rails for surviving many years of use and abuse. And its shape is a lot more nuanced than one-size-fits-all: instead, the Cambium comes in four colors across eight sizes suiting a variety of riders, including the all-around solid C15, the C15 Carved, which boasts an ergonomic cutout in the center to relieve perineal discomfort, the C17s which is slightly shorter and more suited to females, and the ultra-lightweight carbon-fitted C13.

Learn more at Brooks England – roughly $135