Brixo Conductive Building Blocks

Wiring up your Lego creations? That’s not necessary with Brixo Conductive Building Blocks, which happen to be compatible with both Lego and Mega Bloks and are coated in chrome to safely and efficiently conduct electricity wherever they’re laid. Three types of Brixo blocks exist: Trigger blocks, Connector blocks, and Action blocks. Connectors, expectedly, act as wires, while Triggers include a slew of sensors (Bluetooth, sound, light, and proximity) and Action blocks include LED lights and motors. Rig them up to do tons of stuff including lighting up when it’s dark or upon sound, creating a dog treat dispenser that releases treats when he goes to his crate, integrating triggers with your smart home devices, and whatever else you can dream up.

Grab some at Kickstarter – $35+