Bragi Dash Pro

Bragi’s Dash Pro wireless earphones are self-proclaimed intelligent. And with freedom from both wires and language barriers, we’d tend to agree. The two independently wireless earphones connect to your device using Bluetooth, though 4GB of on-board memory means you can use them as a stand-alone music player as well. Like the AirPods the case doubles as a backup battery and charger to give the earphones, which have a 5 hour runtime on their own, a total life of 30 hours by stashing enough juice to recharge them fivefold. The big difference in terms of sound quality is that these boast Knowles’ Balanced Armature drivers in each earphone for clarity and dynamism that you won’t find in your run-of-the-mill cans, not to mention passive noise isolation by way of FitTips foam and FitSleeves silicone tips. Most uniquely though the Dash Pro also automatically tracks your activity (and all the metrics that come with it) whether you run, swim, or cycle, and integrates iTranslate to translate conversations and communicate in real time and in over 40 languages, so a person can speak a foreign language into your phone’s microphone and Bragi’s app will automatically relay speech in your language to the headphone (and vice versa, as the headphones pick up your speech and output a translation on your phone’s speaker).

Learn more at Bragi – $330