Box Brew Kits Winemaking Kit

Tried your hand at brewing beer and want to expand your repertoire? Box Brew Kits’ Winemaking Kit takes the brand to making vino with a compact, easy-to-use kit that’ll have you sipping wine in four short weeks. Included are two 1-gallon primary and secondary glass fermenters, five cobalt blue 750 ml wine bottles, a hydrometer and test jar for measuring alcohol content, a mini corker, and all other necessary accessories, each stored neatly in its place in the rustic pine box. Six different ingredient kits — including Pinot Noir, Carbernet Sauvignon, Chilean Merlot, and more, each producing 1 gallon of wine — are offered alongside instructions to further simplify the task, lest you’d rather trample the grapes yourself.

Grab one at Box Brew Kits – $240