Botta UNO 24

Can your watch capture the revolution of the earth while making you cognizant of time’s fleeting passage, pinpointing the location of the sun at a glance? The UNO 24 is a new, innovative watch that brings the wearer closer to understanding the 4th dimension. On the UNO’s face the entire day is displayed with a single hand completing a revolution every 24 hours. That one hand transforms the idea of minutes and hours into an ever-changing tempis event: one glance lets you see how much of the day has passed and how much is to come. A single delicate line marks one day’s transition to the next, and at that precise moment, the date jumps forward to announce the new day. Even more impressive is the accuracy with which one can tell time with this piece. Using the special scale on the UNO’s face, a wearer can tell the time to within five minutes and even more precisely after a short period of familiarization.

Find it at Amazon or Botta Design – $450