Boreal21 Compact Folding Bow Saw

A quality saw is a necessity through many outdoor adventures, but most portable ones are rife with shortcomings, such as poor performance, poor clearance, or uncomfortable grips, and we’re not about to lug around a full-sized unit. Boreal21 overcomes these issues, transforming from a portable straight rod to a surprisingly normal-looking saw in just seconds. At 21-inches in length, Boreal21 is well-sized for powerful saw strokes, and gives plenty of leeway for large diameter cuts thanks to its U shaped handle. Else, it fits standard 21-inch blades, meaning you’ll never be hard pressed to find a replacement if one gives out, and it completely covers the blade when folded for both your safety and that of the contents of the pack you’ll throw it in.

Hit up Kickstarter for more information – roughly $60