Boosted Board 2

The original Boosted Board was and still is one of the best electric skateboards around. Boosted Board 2, unsurprisingly, is even better. It’s finally equipped with fully water-resistant powertrain and electronics not to mention the option of an extended battery that’s got twice the juice for covering twice the distance — i.e. up to 14 miles per charge, and probably far more than you’d dare to tackle just by foot power alone on a non-electrified longboard. Higher torque, larger wheels, a wider stance, and an updated remote all make for a more refined and responsive ride, and user-changeable batteries that can be swapped on the fly to further extend range. It’s still heavy at about 15 pounds and add-on features like the extended range battery ($100) and a second motor ($300 to $500) add to its price, but it’s worth the cost if you’re in the market for a near-perfect short distance commuter that can be scooped up and carried in, wherever.

Find it at Boosted Boards – $1,000+