Bolt Threads Spider Silk Tie

Long have been touted the remarkable properties of spider silk. Too bad any actual practical applications of the material have so far been lacking. Bolt Threads’ Spider Silk Tie is amongst the first products to be made of the stuff, albeit not silk harvested from actual spiders but rather produced by genetically modified microorganisms that churn out the stuff at a far greater rate. Their byproduct, tiny spider silk proteins, are then spun into long fibres that are in turn woven into extremely soft yet lightweight and durable ties. Importantly, their production is also sustainable and environmentally conscious, and the material makes a good fit for replacing synthetic petroleum-based polymers. Their first run consists of 49 units, the fiftieth having already been shipped off to Stan Lee, but you can enter for a chance to own one on their site until noon (EST) today.

Learn more at Bolt Threads – $314