BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

Most concepts give us a general idea of what’s coming in the next decade or so. The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 gives us a glance into a further-out post-autonomous future where humans will want to take back control, at least occasionally, and truly experience the road. Despite its futuristic looks its seating position is set up like a roadster but with a very different flexible triangular frame that quite literally bends to steer instead of pivoting on a steering head as modern motorcycles do. A zero-emission opposed-twin engine sits where you’d expect though its polished aluminum shell protrudes out of the sides as the motorcycle speeds up to optimize aerodynamics. While it’s not self-driving, a variety of assistance systems would ensure perfect balance when ridden or at a standstill while also greatly increasing safety, making helmets largely unnecessary. Instead, a pair of data glasses protect your eyes from the wind and display information when need be in your field of view — no dashboard needed.

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