Blunt + Tile Traceable Umbrella

When inclement weather strikes, you don’t want to be frantically searching for your umbrella. And yet. Umbrella maker Blunt just might have solved that problem once and for all with the Blunt + Tile Traceable umbrella. The umbrella itself contains an embedded tracking Tile that syncs up with Tile’s iPhone and iPad app to let you keep tabs on your umbrella’s whereabouts at all times. If it’s lost but you’re within about 100 feet, a loud, handy tune can be played to help you locate it. The umbrella is also virtually un-loseable: if you misplace it, fire up the app to find its last known location, or attempt to crowd-source its location if other tile users are in its vicinity. The cherry on top is that that this tech comes built into Blunt’s famously sturdy umbrellas, complete with safety tips and a fully tensioned aerodynamic canopy that can withstand winds of up to 72 mph. It’s also available in a smaller XS_Metro size for those who need to stay dry when space is at a premium.

Grab one at Blunt – $60 to $90