Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground Coffee

Roasting the perfect coffee is complicated by the oxidation process that follows. Even whole beans don’t stay fresh long, but ground coffee typically fares much worse. Blue Bottle’s Perfectly Ground Coffee may have finally uncovered the secret to making ground, ready-to-use coffee stay fresh until it’s ready to use. The coffee is consistently ground and sealed in individually dosed airtight pouches that keep their contents fresh and tasting like they just came out of the grinder for a full six months. This process, which is likely more complex than we’re making it sound, was developed by Neil Day of Perfect Coffee, acquired by Blue Bottle early last year. Bean varieties include Bella Donovan, Decaf Noir, Giant Steps, and Three Africans, with more to come on rotation. Now you’ll just need to work on your brewing technique since the grind can no longer be blamed for a poor result.

Available tomorrow. Learn more at Blue Bottle – five pouches for $17