BloomSky Weather Camera System

Weather forecasts aren’t particularly accurate, a bit like traffic reports. And like Waze and others did for the latter the BloomSky Weather Camera System crowdsources data for the former. The complete two part SkyPro kit includes Sky2, a weather camera station that keeps tabs on temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and precipitation, with a built in HD camera that snaps a shot every 5 minutes and builds a time lapse of your local sky every day. Also included is Storm, which measures total rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, and ultraviolet light. Both are powered by solar energy, include a stake for installation but can also be mounted on the included tripod stand, and contribute to a growing BloomSky user base of over 100,000 strong, creating a detailed map with live weather metrics where every system sits.

Check it out at Kickstarter – $240+