Blink Home Monitoring & Alert System

Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia. The Blink Home Monitoring System lets you be your own Big Brother without the downside of interfamilial relations. Blink is a 100% wire free, Wi-Fi monitoring alert system that works via an app on your iOS or Android. Battery powered with a one year battery life, this little marvel is designed to go or be positioned anywhere, recording HD video whenever motion is detected. You’ll get an alert on your smartphone instantly with the recorded video, so you’ll be able to handle any potential security risk appropriately. If you’re nosy, the same technology lets you use your phone to look at life through Blink’s eyes, or access the built in temperature function to gauge the comfort level at home. If one Blink isn’t enough, you can easily connect more to create an iron dome of secure goodness. Because seeing is believing, Blink utilizes advanced low-light LED illumination for video access day or night. And with its built in microphone, you’ll not only see, but hear Blink’s surroundings. But don’t worry about being the focus of your monitors ever-watchful eye: an unhackable indicator and optional audio alert tells you when Blink is recording.

Learn more at Kickstarter – $120