BlackFin Camper Box

Van life is now a real possibility with nigh any vehicle thanks to the BlackFin Camper Box. This hard shell camper tent mounts to your car, van, or SUV by way of a roof rack with either round or square bars and pops up in, quite literally, five seconds, providing shelter from the elements and a warm place to catch some shuteye. A fiberglass hard shell repels water both when driving and when popped up while wind resistant materials make up the walls to stand up to strong winds. A full-sized high density foam mattress comes included and the box measures in at nearly seven feet long to easily fit two adults comfortably, or even up to three adults (though we’d presume somewhat less comfortably). It also includes an adjustable aluminum ladder for climbing in, roll-up windows and screens, plus internal pockets and hooks to keep from losing your gear within the fray of blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags.

Find it at Kickstarter – $1,500+