BlackBerry Passport

With one of the strangest form factors around and its brand that’s seemingly falling apart, we’d hardly blame you for overlooking the BlackBerry Passport. But this beast of a phone is a legitimate contender for anybody looking for more than a Candy Crush and Facebook machine. Sure, the device is big, but more than makes up for it with a full QWERTY touch-enabled keyboard for typing and performing various gesture commands (like scrolling or moving the cursor), a 4.5″ 1400 x 1400 touchscreen display, and a downright massive 3450 mAh battery that’s good for up to 30 hours of mixed use, putting most modern, ultra-thin smartphones to shame. It also works with Android apps from the Amazon app store and boasts BlackBerry Hub, a single, easy to access feed that manages all your conversations across email, SMS, BBM, and social media accounts.

Learn more at Blackberry or Amazon – $600