BlackBerry KeyOne

Combining a 1620×1080 IPS 4.5-inch touchscreen LCD with a tactile, quick-typing keyboard, the BlackBerry KeyOne is the brand’s latest attempt to claw their way back into the smartphone market. It’s as rugged as BlackBerries past thanks to a strong impact-resistant aluminum frame and Gorilla glass-lined display and runs Android 7.1 Nougat, so a bustling Google Play gives access to plenty of apps. Its main unique features include a massive (but non-removable) 3,505 mAh battery for all-day power, a capacitive touch keyboard that responds to gestures and super quick “flick” typing, and the ability to expand its paltry 32GB on-board memory to 2TB thanks to a microSD slot. Whether it’ll gain much traction is to be seen, but it’ll provide die-hard BlackBerry users with another device to ride out the next couple of years in high hopes.

Learn more at BlackBerry – $550