Black Pelican BoomCase

Pelican’s briefcases are virtually indestructible. That’s why the Black Pelican BoomCase was built inside one, making for a sound system that’s more rugged than BoomCase’s traditional offerings while remaining just as portable. Closed, the speaker system is completely protected against bumps and even water, and open it’s still more durable than your average speaker system thanks to grilles over the drivers. Inside a 100 Watt amp powers the two 6.5-inch woofers, 4-inch mid-range and two dome tweeters, and a huge rechargeable battery keeps it running for over 16 hours straight. Comes in several colors other than black (like yellow, orange, green, and grey) and includes a battery charger and an aux cable, though a Bluetooth module to make this BoomCase wireless will run you another $45.

Find it at Pelican – $895