We’re constantly trying to prune down the number of keys we carry, and this often starts with less essential keys, like those for our bike lock. Truth be told, however, we’d rather not have to rely on a 3-digit combination for keeping our two-wheeler safe in its entirely (as opposed to combo locks for our components). BitLock tackles this problem by subbing out keys for a Bluetooth Low Energy module, forging an encrypted connection with your smartphone to lock and unlock when you’re within range, i.e. about 3 feet. No need to worry about dead batteries, either, since the included user-replaceable Li-SOCl2 cell lasts for roughly 5 years of intense use – charging not necessary. The heat-treated, cut-resistant steel lock is also waterproof, dustproof, shrugs off extreme temperatures, and even enables bike sharing through the included app, which lets the owner grant and revoke unlocking privileges at will.

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