Bison Rolling Grill

Portable grills don’t offer much space to cook, and big grills are, well, big, and annoyingly bulky to move around. The Bison Rolling Grill tries to find a solid middle ground, packing down tiny while also offering 116 square inches of cooking surface. It works thanks to a unique chain-like surface that unrolls and that’s stabilized by two grill guards and four stake stands that optionally plant firmly into the ground if you need a stand to raise the surface. All parts are made of aluminum with a non-stick Teflon coat, and the grill’s grates are hollow so they’re air-cooled as you cook, reducing burn marks on your grub. And despite the moving parts cleaning’s not really much trickier than a standard grate either, since it’s dishwasher safe so you’ll just need scrape off the bigger chunks.

Find it at Kickstarter – $50