BioLite BaseCamp Stove

Half the fun of camping is pigging out on all sorts of delicious grub. BioLite’s BaseCamp Stove makes off-the-grid cooking and grilling easier than ever: find a bunch of fallen branches or small twigs, shove them in the stove, and let BioLite’s fan stoke and feed oxygen to the inferno like manual methods never could, resulting in sufficiently hot flames to prepare most anything, all without the smoke. BaseCamp also sports a large cooking surface that fits up to 8 burgers at once, a grill-to-boil lever to optimize the flame to the task at hand, a flexible USB light for nighttime visibility, plus an ash tray for keeping the site clean. And, like all BioLite stoves, the BaseCamp generates thermoelectric energy using remnant heat, recharging your smartphone, camera, or other USB-enabled devices.

Grab one at Amazon – $300