Biki Underwater Fish Drone

If it doesn’t look anything like your typical drone, that’s because it isn’t. First and foremost, the Biki Underwater Fish Drone explores seas, not skies, and does so while foregoing propellers for a more natural-looking caudal tail fin that propels the drone to 1.12 mph while remaining rather silent. It’ll dive to a maximum depth of nearly 200 feet, with dual 114 lumen spotlights to illuminate its path and a stabilized 4K UHD video camera and wide-angle lens to see. Biki operates in shallow waters using a smartphone or tablet with real-time video streaming, and with a handheld sonic remote for deeper dives. About 90-120 minutes of battery life means it lasts way longer than flying drones, though if said battery runs low (or if remote communication is lost) it’ll surface, with a built-in GPS guiding it back to the launch zone for recoup.

Find it at Kickstarter – $550+ [via]