Big Ass Light Bar

Big Ass Light — yes, the same company as Big Ass Fans — makes seriously heavy duty lights, but they’re not exactly portable. The Big Ass Light Bar addresses this for individuals in need seriously powerful yet versatile lighting. It’s the brightest battery-fuelled LED work light in existence, outputting up to 5,000 lumens (about as bright as three incandescent light bulbs) and running for up to 48 hours on a charge of its handle-integrated, fast-swappable battery pack. An octagonal shape keeps it from rolling away and its light, adjustable to one of six brightness settings, floods the environment thanks to a diffuser that spreads it over (and a bit over) 180 degrees. It’s also rated to IP66 standards to keep out dust, particulates and water, and stands up to ridiculous abuse including drops and chemicals, making it a no-brainer for workshops, garages, and the like.

Find it at Indiegogo – $425