Bevel Trimmer

The trimmer meets Tron, Walker & Company’s Bevel Trimmer is designed with thick, coarse hair in mind and is nothing like any hair cutting device you’ve seen before. Adjusting the snap on/off trimmer blades to a zero gap alignment needs no tools, just a quick twist of the dial. Coated blades repel oil and water to keep the trimming surface devoid of skin and hair residue for a clean, non-irritating cut. It’s also built with specs that’ll impress your barber, including four fold lower vibrations than comparable blades, a 6,000 strokes/minute vibrational speed, and four hours of on-battery power that delivers the exact same performance as when it’s plugged in. And since you’ll not likely want to hide a razor that’s this good looking in a drawer, it’s got a hook that extends from its base for secure hanging.

Preorder at Bevel – $180