Betabrand Audio Engineer Hoodie

Cliff Clavin could regal you with a little known fact about hoodies. Originally developed in the mid 13th century, they were used to funnel the sound of grog horns and drums when attending the equivalent of present day rock concerts. Betabrand’s Audio Engineer Hoodie doesn’t fall far from the acoustic tree. Designed for audio engineers whose fashion sense comes second to the functionality of their wardrobe, this hoodie incorporates everything you need to mix, listen and feel your music. At first glance the dual kangaroo pocketed black, relaxed fit hoodie seems anti outré. But a closer look reveals features that any audiophile can appreciate. An interior line with a cassette-themed pattern sets the mood for music which is further developed with acoustically transparent hood panels that, like magic, allow sound to penetrate unmolested while remaining visibly solid. A headphone pass-through hole in the front pockets, left pocket loop for securing securables, internal headphone routing to the right pocket, and a secure chest pocket for your thumbdrive round out the engineering tech. There’s even wiring diagrams screened on the interior so you need only solder once.

Find it at Betabrand – $142