Beta-QR Keychain Flashlight

There are two main gripes we’ve got with that old Maglite on our keychains. First, it’s not too bright, and second, removing it from its keyloop is a bit of a hassle. Beta-QR is different. This tiny machined-aluminum or brass flashlight runs on a single AAA battery and conveniently detaches from a keychain using a quick-release mechanism in a split second. It’s also extremely bright, both for it size and in general, outputting up to 60 lumens at its brightest of two settings (85 lumens and 3 settings, respetively, for the brass model). Moreover, its Nichia 219 high CRI LED provides a “better” light spectrum than typically bluewashed LEDs, meaning whatever you’re shining light on looks warm and is far easier to see.

Find it at Dark Sucks – $55+