BeoVision 4 103 by Bang & Olufsen

Pictures can’t really describe the BeoVision 4 103. Words probably can’t do it justice either, but we’ll give it a shot. First off, it’s 103 inches across. You know that massive 50 inch TV your buddy got last Christmas? This ones got 4 times the display area. For the frame, Bang & Olufsen chose to go with aluminium instead of the typical plastic.

Just because they can, Bang & Olufsen decided to throw in a motorized stand to raise, lower and tilt the TV. When not in use, the triangular loudspeaker retracts and hides itself as the TV lowers to reduce its prominence. The remote is unusual, to say the least: we could probably write a post on it alone.

Check out the press release and watch the video to get an idea of how monstrous the BeoVision 4 103 really is. Unfortunately we won’t be getting this for christmas any time soon – 93K$ wall mounted or 112K$ with the stand.