Beastgrip Pro

With its slick edges and ultra-thin design, your smartphone is shaped for slipping in a pocket, not for offering a solid hold in your hand. Beastgrip Pro changes that. It’s a universal smartphone rig system that works with literally any modern smartphone, adjusting in width and height to accommodate it with or without a case. More than just adding a solid grip and a tripod mount, though, the modular device allows for the attachment of a variety of accessories including a lens mount assembly, microphone, flash, and more using cold shoe mounts. Their DOF adapter lets you add some of your existing SLR lenses to the lens mount assembly although they’ll also sell you wide-angle and fisheye lenses should you be looking for something simpler. Granted, it does add some bulk, but the added stability and flexibility is worth it for those serious about shooting.

Grab one at Amazon or Beastgrip – $140