Bear Mattress

Online mattress firms have been popping up at an alarming rate. A good thing overall considering they’re cutting prices while simplifying the buying process by shipping a box straight to your door. But figuring out which online mattress brand to go for can be daunting. Bear Mattress stands out from the pack with a mattress that’s specifically engineered for athletes and individuals living an active lifestyle. The 10-inch mattress has three layers of memory foam which, top to bottom, include a highly breathable graphite-gel memory foam that has far superior thermal conductivity compared to regular foam, a quick response foam under that, and a high-density core that adds support, attaining an overall medium level of firmness with just the right amount of bounce and support. Bear Mattress’ removable cover is also made with Celliant textile technology, a thermo-reactive mineral imbued in the threads of the fabric that converts body heat into infrared light to help reduce muscle recovery time after a strenuous workout all the while keeping the mattress surface temperature cool and comfortable.

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