BeanPlus Cold Drip Coffee Brewer

Drinking cold brew on a hot summer day is a sheer necessity. But while it’s technically easy to make, most methods are the instant coffee equivalent of the real thing. The BeanPlus Cold Drip Coffee Brewer does it right, employing a slow dripping dutch coffee brewing method that results in smooth, flavorful coffee that’s less acidic and is ready in far less time (at about 4 hours) than tea bag-style cold brewing. A non-clogging drip mechanism is adjustable thanks to a slow drip valve that twists to set the optimal drip speed over ground coffee, which then slowly drips into the carafe as it makes its way through the grind. The carafe itself is made of reinforced glass, helping to store your flavorful coffee extract thanks to a sealing lid, and all parts disassemble for cleaning — even going in the dishwasher if you’re feeling lazy.

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