Barrell Bourbon

Just like all brandy is not cognac, not all whiskeys (whiskys) can be bourbon. For bourbon, you need Kentucky. Bourbon is the sweet whiskey because of the requisite 51% corn content. In fact all facets of production are regulated, making any bourbon an experience and not a “shot”, “slug”, or any other such euphemism. And bourbon has no additives or color added: the only thing you’ll find in any true bourbon after distillation is water. Barrell Bourbon has refined the generations old process of bourbon crafting to an art, offering eight distinct batches of bourbon crafted and aged in Kentucky and Tennessee. Depending on the batch you select you’ll enjoy a smooth taste in proof ranging from 116 to nearly 140. Each is aged a minimum of five years and up to eight, resulting in a spirit that’s exactly what any bourbon connoisseur wants: hand crafted quality from folks who understand the history and future of this iconic libation.

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